A new Start

Hey there, I do have a blog here at http://countrystitchin.blogspot.com/ about my sewing but the silly thing wont let me back into it to put up new posts & even with contacting the hosts for help none came forward so frig it here I am starting all over again! Complete new site & all.

Ok so a bit about me I am a 30something year old Mum of 2 (mostly) sweet kids. I have been sewing since I was “knee-high to a grasshopper” my Mum says. She is sweet also ) I learnt the wonderful art of sewing at about 5yrs old & over the years have fine tuned my craft & made plenty of mistakes, which I think I am supposed to learn from but am sure I have repeated some of them!
Now days I love to sew for my children, myself & my website. I haven’t been bitten by the patchwork or quilting bug…………YET but my interests are being pricked by these crafts. I also machine embroider & am a beginning to digitize with success so far.
We reside in rural Western Australia with our fur-babies & hubby as well. Through out my posts you will get to see them at some stage or another ;)

Cheers for now


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