The latest family addition

Meet Boof. He is a 6week old English Mastiff puppy & all ours :D:D

Master Boof

After loosing our beloved Bandit 4 months ago we weren’t going to get anymore animals BUT, isn’t there always a but?! we have wanted a large dog for ages & this young man is exactly what we wanted so opportunity knocked & well we answered! LOL

thats is paw in my hand. He towers over his siblings, the biggest in the litter. His Mum was just gorgeous with a beautiful nature & the breeder said his Dad is the same. We had a 6hr trip in the car to go get him & then another 6hrs to come home. He didnt pee in the car once! Every stop he got out & did what he had too then curled up with the kids & slept until the next stop. He slept in the bathroom lastnight & has been out for toileting today but is a BIG SOOK just wants to curl up on the mat & sleep. Bob is at work & the kids are at school so I have been giving him lots of attention & he is loving it!

Miss Stitches finds him intriguing & sneeks up to check him out while he is sleeping & then flounces off with her tail in the air. Snuggles on the other hand has decided ignorance is bliss & stays out of reach. Denim likes to play with him & so far is showing no signs of jealousy.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. avinak
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 15:15:05

    😀 Hello Boof 😀


  2. Megan from Imaginif
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 07:17:28

    Welcome Boof.

    He’s HUGE!

    Here via the Carnival of Australia where we hope to see more of Boof’s development and dietry intake – are you guys going to have to get second jobs to feed him???????


  3. countrystitchin
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 09:44:22

    LOL they actually dont eat that much more than regular dogs. Its weigh in day today so wll be new pics & stats tomorrow 🙂


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