I have long had a love affair of tattoos, my Dad is heavily tattooed & from a very young age all I wanted for my birthday was a tattoo.

Finally when I left home at 16 & with my parents permission I got one, on my left thigh, a bird with flowers & hearts. Then I got a pegasus on my left shoulder blade.

I have been hankering another one for years but wasnt 100% sure what I wanted. I finally found it but had to have it drawn up as I wanted a butterfly I had found & tribal work sorta like the pic I showed the artist & I wanted it purple. Left it with him & went back to see the drawing didnt like the first lot of tribal work it was too ?? wanted it a bit more feminine. He agreed & went back to the drawing board……….literally. Next drawing he showed me was perfect so was time to set up an appointment.

Well the appointment was today 😀 I wasa bit nervous as it has been soooo long since my last one & there is a fine line between pleasure & pain. BUT it was great didnt hurt any where near as much as I thought it would, but it still hurt a little. But I think I impressed him as I wasnt a big woose. Hubby was waiting for me to chicken out I think but I am so glad I had it done.

Its even better than I first imagined I reakon its freakin awesome. Thanks Eli at Abandoned Art in Geraldton

Sorry for the crappy picture I will update to a better one when I get it.


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