Growing rapidly

well Boof is now 10wks old & he has DOULBED his weight from when we got him 4 wks ago. He has grown heaps & looks more like a dog than a pup now. He is now 16kgs, 18inches tall at the shoulder & 45inches from tail tip to nose tip

Since last Saturday he has been sleeping outside of a night (still with Elmo) & he spends most of the day out there playing with Denim(our 4yr old blue heeler)

He is a real goofball & loves to come in for playing & cuddles which happens often during the day & he has a big session in after tea until bed time, mind you he wont go to bed until we are going & all the lights are off. If he falls asleep on the floor & I put him out he will sook & sook to come back in if the lights & TV are still on!!

here he is enjoying a shower

and drying off on the mat afterwards.

Look at that face who could resist him?

He has 3 meals a day of pet mince & biscuits & then a treat or two when we are doing training (sit/stay/drop etc)


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  1. jen
    Sep 18, 2007 @ 10:57:40

    Awww, toooooo cute! If I ever give my dog a shower I have to tie her up in it as she hates it. Perhaps the trick is to get in with her.


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