Doing the dishes in style

ok it is a mundane job & I more often than not let mine drip dry anyway unless I want to annoy the kids, that drive me insane, by insisting they do the drying. Mind you that leads to more insanity as I hear “hurry up”, “I did more than you”,” I had that one first……………..MUM……………” Sheesh no wonder I detest not having a dish washer these days!

Anyway just because they do a boring job doesn’t mean your tea towels have to be boring. I offer great fun tea towels in funky colours to jazz up your kitchen. Choose from Pink, Blue, Yellow or Green with embroidery of your choice. Happy to personalise towels with any name………..(put kids or hubby’s on there then they own the towel & have to use it) hehe.

You can check them out here 

Happy drying



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