Got Smelly containers?

Do you have any plastic containers that still smell of the last thing they were used to store?? I used to have a couple & no amount of soaking or scrubbing would get rid of the smell. I actually had 2 containers that I no longer used due to the smell but didnt throw out due to the price!!

Well I dont have the problem any more, & I will share with you why. Now when I was first told of the solution I thought “yeah right ” but decided to try it any way & guess what…… actually worked!!!

OK so what did I do?? I filled the container with water & stuck it in the freezer until frozen solid ( read until I remembered I had stuck it in the back freezer <blush>) Then I tied the large iceblock out onto the lawn so it wouldnt waste all the water & washed my container. NO SMELL!!!!!!! Honest the smell was gone completely.

So drag out your smelly containers & give it a go, let me know how you went!!!


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