Taking off again

Well as you know we took off to Perth last week for the football & man didnt we have a fabulous time!!

The weather was pretty crappy on the Fri & Sun, BUT thankfully Saturday was glorious sunshine for the footy & much to Natasha’s delight the West Coast Eagles won the game. And much to our delight she has finally stopped singing the bloody theme song!!!

Now while we were there enjoying ourselves we bought a new car!!!!!!!! Soooooooo we are off to Perth again on Friday to pick her up. Whilst I am extremely excited about the new car I am very sad to be saying goodbye to my little zippster.

I love being able to park anywhere in my Rio & zip about on the smell of an oily rag, but poor Miss Lanky Legs (AKA Natasha ) is getting a bit tall to be sitting in the back seat, esp when her father drives. And the lack of boot space was noticeable when we came home on Sunday with extra shopping!!

So the new 380 platinum we are getting should solve all our problems but may create some for me until I get used to parking a large car again šŸ˜† Oh & then theres the power too as I am going from a 1.6 4cyl motor to a 3.8 V6…………ohhhh thankgod its got cruise control me thinks šŸ˜†

Though I think I may have to hide the keys as Sunday I take off to Coral Bay & wont be home until Friday so Bob will be hooning about everywhere in her!!!

So until I get home from camp

Beep Beep

Vroom Vroom

Tina xx


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