Whats NOT on the camp list

Well after stressing herself over the last week Miss Lanky Legs has started to pack for camp finally. She needed a couple of new things to take, bathers, rashie, boardies etc. So I got them for her & a nice little pink suitcase to put it all in as “Mum we wont fit both our stuff in your case” read by learning Mum “I want my own case” 😆

So going through the list & yep we have it all & then some, that we dont need. I wish I could unpack :

  • the stress
  • the I’m better than you attitude of some of the kids going
  • the doubt of Miss Lanky Legs in how she looks in her clothes
  • the extra 5kg I am carry onself
  • the fear I have of going on this glass bottomed boat  *note to self dont forget the motion sickness pills*

Me well no I havent started to pack yet though I sort of know what I am taking 😆 problem is I need to wear the clothes before we go & take some of them to Perth with me, looks like I will be packing mine Saturday night before we head off on Sunday 😉

See you when we return

Tina xx


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