All about camp

yes yes I know very late in posting about this but <sigh> life just gets too damn busy sometimes doesnt it?!

So here goes my recall of a totally awesome & self discovery time on camp in Coral Bay

Sunday morning freezing cold, up nice & early (5.45am) & into shower I dive, rug up in jeans, jumper sneakers etc. Wake up Miss Lanky Legs & get her moving. Pack lunches & last minute essentials into cases. Wake Sir Dreamalot (DS) who decides its too damn early & now doesnt want to see us off on the bus gives me a big cuddle & kiss goodbye & off we go. Arrive at school 6.30am stand around in the cold looking at everyone else who is stll half asleep & decided I dont look as bad as I feel πŸ˜†

Off we set 13 overexcited but sleepy kids & 4 tired but also excited adults. Curl up & sleep for awhile as do most of the kids. A very non-eventful trip, stopping at Overlander roadhouse to stretch out legs, go to the loo & get more caffeine. Next stop was Carnarvon for fuel & lunch. We were making good time & the kids were entertaining themselves. Arived in Coral Bay round 3.30pm. Met Kane our tour guide for the week, set up camp learnt the rules & then off for a swim. The water was freezing I managed to go as deep as my knees πŸ˜† Kids had a great time though. Coral Bay looked glorious. After showers (which are salt water as there is NO fresh water in CB) we took the kids toplay spotlight on the beach.

Each day we were up nice & early for breakky & beach games which was great to take the sting out of the kids & we ended each night with night games also, the kids slept well & so did the adults!.

Day 1 we had a practise at snorkelling which was good as I have never snorkelled in my life & am shit scared of the water!! (yeah WTH did I do by agreeing to come on this camp?!) So off I bravely set & learn this snorkelling caper after many hyperventialtions that I controlled myself I did it & went back for a second go!!!

The rest of our time there we went on the glass bottom boat Miss Coral Bay 2 where we stopped at 2 different snorkel spots. I did a small snorkel near the boat at the first spot called the Snapper Hole. Miss Lanky Legs wouldnt venture in but sat on the step at the back of the boa with her legs in the water. The fish were awesome just come right up to you & all around you. Didnt jump in at the second spot The Aquarium as I had used up all my bravery & it was sooooooo cold in the water!! The next day we went on a large boat to go whale watching, my motion sickness pills helpd greatly & I braved the journey. Look I get seasick doing the dishes & consider a bath to be deep water so heading out beyond the reef (where the sharks live!!!) was a HUGE thing for me. But I did it & I saw 3 whales !!! I was soooo thrilled about seeing the whales it was awesome! Then we headed back in the reef & stopped at the turtle sanctuary to see the turtles, unfortunately I couldnt bring myself to let go of the rail & climb up the front of the boat, but Miss Lanky legs did & I was proud. One turtle must have known I was missing out as s/he popped up near the back of the boat where I was sitting! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . We stopped atΒ  The Canyon to snorkel & this time Miss Lanky Legs joined me, she was shit scared (as was I!!) BUT we did it together & it was soooooooooo worth the mental torture. The fish we saw were amazing, the coral was beautiful & we decided that we are going back up in 2009 with Sir Dreamalot & Man of The House (hubby) for a family holiday & to snorkel again.

We also took a walk to Skeleton Beach & up the dunes to go sandboarding that was another first & another fun thing to do. The kids were having a great time trying to beat each other & stacking it. S (another parent) got some great action shots of the kids. Othert activities we took part in was a conservation lesson, a walk round town with Kane talking to us about the future of Coral Bay, the problems they face, problems they have overcome. Fish feeding where the snapper come right into the shallows & the tour people do a guided fish feed. They have the proper food to feed them & only do it in small amounts so they arent dependant on the feeding. Paradise beach was just that absolute paradise. I totally recommend Coral Bay to anyone wanting a relaxing, yet interesting holiday.

The trip home on Friday was a lot more subdued than the drive up there. We stopped again at Carnarvon for fuel & then we stopped at Billabong for lunch, many weary children slept alot of the way home. It was lovely to get home & see Sr Dreamalot & Man Of The House again. Fresh water shower & teeth brushing was wonderful & to sleep in our bed in comfort was glorious. But would I do it all again…………..HELL YEAH! 2010 will be the year Sir Dreamalot goes on camp, wonder who will go on that one……………. πŸ˜†


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 05:24:48

    Sounds like it was a heap of fun with some great experiences. And what a bonus – seeing the whales. I’d love to do that πŸ™‚


  2. Robyn
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 17:49:09

    What a great experience, sounds like heaps of fun, would love to see the whales, well done on the snorkelling and going in the water.


  3. imaginifitwasfree
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 10:25:38

    FANTASTIC – the pics look divine.
    Must have been sticky after bathing in only salt water…my son would have loved it because he could have gone without a shower!!!!!!!!!!


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