Lurking behind the couch……….

is sorry was lots of dust bunnies, 1 leggo man head-wonder if the dust bunnies got hungry & ate his body,2 marbles & 10cents, will that even buy me 1 lolly now days?

It must be something to do with the unusual stormy weather we are having this week as I have done nothing but clean clean clean. Dont get the wrong idea we don’t live in a cesspool of filth I have just been doing the jobs I put off for ohhhhhhhhh ………………..6months at a time <blush> things like washing the walls, vacuuming the cobwebs from the exposed beams (spiders eat flies & mozzies I am trailing how effective these natural ways are I tell my husband 😉 ) & moving the lounge. Now that its all been done & the house smells of furniture polish again (had to go hunting for Mr Sheen I couldn’t remember where I stashed him last time :lol:) maybe I will type these 2 assignments that need doing!!!

Then again its been awhile since I sorted my shoes………………….:lol:




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