Serenading the wildlife

We live in a small country town, & going shooting of vermin on farms is a normal thing to do!!

My son Sir Dreamsalot (9) has never been interested in going out roo shooting with his father until just recently. Last week he went for the first time & then again this weekend. He did say he only went along for the ride not for the shooting!!

So Sat night off they go, hubby, mate, DD & DS kids have earmuffs on to protect their hearing & as always kids forget that even though you cant hear you can be heard 😆

So they find the first roos they are going to shoot, turn the ute off to help with keeping quiet & not spooking them when out of the silence Sir Dreamsalot belts out Rolf Harris’s christmas carol Six White Boomers at the top of his voice!!! Well the roos were spooked & took off at 100mph while hubby & mate just sat & laughed! Miss Lankylegs was trying to get his attention to tell him SSSHHHHHH

After that he managed to stay quiet & the boys got some roos!!! And when they were telling me what had happend Sir Dreamsalot informed me he didnt sing Six White Boomers he sang Two Brown Boomers to the same tune LMAO!! And he knows the song by heart as last year it was their school concert item song & he played Santa!!


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