Hello everyone,

I have a new product that will delight both mothers & daughters a like!

How many times have you dug to the bottom of your handbag or school bag to find the covers on your tampons or sanitary pads have come adrift & they are now sporting bits of fluff, crumbs & anything else that decides to stick to them? These products are pricey enough without having to throw them away unused.

Or have you had your delightful young children find them in your bag at the most inappropraite moment holding them up for everyone to see while asking in their loudest voices MUUUUUUUUM whats this for????

Remember back to school & at some stage of your school life they have fallen out of your bag, or locker right when the coolest bunch of boys in the school walk by!! Oh the embarassment.

This is where our new SanPacs come to the rescue. They are a funky little pouch designed to hold pads, tampons or a combination of both.

With the disaster that has hit our  Victorian residents The Sewing Fairy is donating all profits fof salees for the next month from today 12th Feb 2008 until the 12th March 2009 to the Victorian Wildlife Rescue if you would like to make a further donation follow the prompts on their home page.

Your Sewing Fairy



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