Fathers, computers & Ebay dont mix!!

My Dad has never wanted to learn computers but in the last 12months or so has been learning how to look at emails & send them.

Well now he has discovered Ebay! Actually he has mentioned it before but Mum always says we cant buy anything we dont have a credit card & gives me the look saying dont you saying a f^&$ing word Tina Well he has since found out thanks to blokes at work you dont need a CC to buy from Ebay

OMG lastnight he rang & I want you to buy me this this & this how does it work I was trying to explain to him but he wasnt listening as he was looking at Ebay anyway I got  the bids on the things he wants & one only had like 15mins to go so had to stay on the phone with him as it ended I actually got him pressing F5 for refresh……….yes Dad you only need to press it once, give it time to friggin load already! Sheesh. So now I have 6 items *I* am bidding on for him, 2 we have won already so I told him he needs to go to the bank & put money into my account so I can pay for these items (he has LOTS more spending money than I do!! )

So far this morning I have had 3 calls, 1 to check to see if he is still winning the other auctions, 1 to ask what does buy it now mean ? cool buy this this & this then please. Then another to let me know when he is home next I have to go sign him up to Ebay & show him how it works

Oh man I can feel the pain already! This is the man that gave me my very first driving lesson when I was 13 by pulling the car over to the side of the road telling me to get behind the wheel & drive. When I asked him how to start the car he told me to turn the key so I did then he went off coz it was a manual & I didnt have the clutch in, so we jumped/skipped & stalled. He never told me I needed the clutch & I ended up getting out of car telling him to stick his driving lessons & walked home . Can I return the favour by now saying just register & bid

Oh crap here goes the phone again

Part of lastnights convo to give you an idea:

Me Ok your bid is on & yes you are the winner so far @ $25

Dad but my page still says $22

me yes you need to refresh the page if you press…………….

Dad Well I dunno how to do that what do I do

Me Shut up & listen I will tell you Ok see you have buttons F1 F2 etc on the key board

Dad no I dunno about these things

Me LOOK at the friggin keyboard, OK are you looking, good see the buttons across the top F1 F2 etc………yes ok press F5

Dad how many times what am I pressing???

Me Stop laughing Bob or you will cop it too FFS Dad press F5 ONCE

Dad ohh look the top bid is $25 is that mine?


Tina xxxx


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  1. driving lessons ashford kent
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 01:38:50

    Very amusing story really enjoyed it. I guess we all learn a different paces. Well good luck in your driving and even more good luck in teaching your dad in how to use ebay. Walter.


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