Dont trust 10yr olds with your car keys!

After our day of shopping yesterday Sir Dreamsalot & myself went out to my Mums house. After the greetings & small talk Sir Dreamsalot asked if he could get his new cricket gear out of my car to show Nan. No probs give him the keys (he is 10 totally capable of unlocking & relocking car) Off he goes & gets his gear shows Nan. More small talk ensues & then I say well we should head for home got all the fruit & vege in the car & want to check on the cats to make sure Koda has used the litter tray & not the lounge again!!
This is where it went pear shaped, dug in my bag……..hmm wheres my keys oh thats right Brayden had them.
Me “Brayden where did you put my keys when you got your cricket gear out”???
He “Ummm I dont know”
we all look on the benches, empty my bag check the rubbish bin with no luck
Me “You didnt put them in the boot while you were getting your stuff out did you & then………….”
He “ummmm yes I think I did “
Me “crap crap crap Mum stop laughing!!!!”
“OK when we bought the car we got roadside assist I will ring RAC & see what they say”

Phone call ensues & RAC have nothing about us on their system & then she says perhaps you got Mitsubishi roadside assist. YES that was it & I am pretty sure there is a sticker on my windscreen. Go check phew yep & there is the 1300 #. Another phone call & these guys know who I am & will send out a service technician within the hour to help!!!!
SMS hubby & give him the low down on whats happening & why I may not be home when he gets home! Refrain from throttling DS

Service man came…………..RAC service man made comment that when I rang RAC they had no idea who I was & he said yeah all the car companys brand name their roadside assist but its still RAC who come out!
He successfully breaks into my car promptly setting off my very loud car alarm much to the dismay of Mums cat! Then I had to get into the boot via the fold down section in the middle of the back seat its not very wide, my boot is jam packed with shopping & I know the keys will be at the front of the boot Proceed to drag my shopping into the back seat via the hole & 2 chairs I had in there still from football Finally I can see the glint of my keys but cant reach them was going to get DS & shove him through the hole but the RAC bloke got a bit of wire instead! Retrieved my keys & off he went. Collected DS said by to Mum & headed home. When we hit town I stopped to check the mail box (at post office no mail delivery here) DS asked if he could do it. NO WAY dont trust you with my keys anymore!!!

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  1. Fiona
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 17:55:34

    oh my šŸ™‚ thanks for the laugh :p


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