Bush Hilton

My Dad had an old gutted caravan that he bought for………….hmmmm not really sure why he bought it actually LOL.

Anyway he bought it up the block for us to use as a lunch room or storage room while we are doing things up there. Keep telling the kids thats what we are going to live in but they dont believe me maybe next time we go up I should tell them to take their pillows & blankets ROFL!!!

Bush Hilton

A couple of the trees actually have mangoes on them {not that we eat the ruddy things!!}

And I am not one to normally sook about breaking a fingernail I mean come on they grow back so its not a monumental loss or anything but look at what I did to my thumb nail. Damn  it bloody hurt too being soo far up the nail. I cut it right back as far as I could when we got home 😦


Going to be round the 45* mark this weekend so I dont think we will be going up the block much!!!!


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