Mango tree 1 landcruiser 0

Well last weekend up the block we went again, we have already pulled down the fence that needed moving & most of the reticulation so we are up to the pulling out of trees from the house site. Cool!

Bob pegged out the site while I walked up the hill & took some new photos to show you how the block looks in summer, believe me its much prettier in winter LOL.  Anyway once he got the posts in we picked a tree to start with & got organised. Chain around the tree, hooked up to towing points on the bull bar of the cruiser. I had the camera armed & ready to catch the tree leaving the ground. Hubby chucks the cruiser in 4 low reverse & goes for it………………….only to have all 4 wheels spinning ROLF. The tree is rooted better than we thought!! goes forward & tries again only to have the same result.

Get out asses situation & says ok will tie it to the toe ball & drive forward you get better traction, more power etc. Yep thats what we’ll do. So set it all up takes off & nup tree is not moving LOL!!! Ties chain higher in the tree tried again split the tree in half & there we quit! ROFL Tree is still in the ground, wheel ruts are in the dirt {see pics below} and the chain is packed away. He is now organising a loader to get them out!

Mind you I must say the ground is rock hard & dry as a nuns fanny. If it was winter time I am sure they would pull out a lot easier.

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