Clearing a spot

Bob (my wonderful hubby) had a few hours on the loader on Friday & managed to flatten the mango trees that the cruiser couldn’t budge LOL so now there is hardly any mango trees left, a driveway roughly bladed in & a house site ready to finish levelling off & get ready for the yellow sand pad 🙂

Hopefully the building lisence will arrive this week, it would have been last but when Bob went to the Northampton Shire to ask what was going on they told him the bloody builders had sent them a cheque but it was made out to the Geraldton-Greenough Shire, bloody idiots!!! But once they get the correct cheque we are full steam ahead :)woot woot!!

The mango’s are still growing but the poor leaves as you can see in the pic didnt like the 49* day we had last week, they look like they had been on fire but it was just from the sun!! ( and ppl lay out there baking in it!!)

Following photos are hubby (Bob) & DD (Miss LankyLegs) figuring out the retric situation for the mango trees we are keeping, for now.

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