Thomas the cat

This story appeared in my local town’s newspaper it is very well written, there is no author to it but I feel the more we can get the word out there the better!!

My name is Thomas I am a smoky grey tabby cat. When I was a kitten my brothers and sisters all found homes and were given away until I was the only one left of the litter. I have since discovered that had my mothers owners been responsible people they would have taken my Mum to the vet so she wouldnt have litters one after the other andd have her babies flushed down the toilet alive!!

But back to my story, as I was the only one left, my mothers thoughtless, selfish, cruel and gutless owners decided it far easier to take me to the local tip rather than have the vet put me down. “at least we we will give him a chance” BULLSHIT! What chance??? I was taken by car to the tip & thrown out withut a backward glance. “He will find something to eat here” Yeah right! I was always hungry, but as I grew I found I could catch the occassional lizard which was better than insects, but I was still hungry and thirsty, I missed my mothers milk. On good days I caught a bird, on those days I slept well as I wasnt so hungry. But I needed more. Once I feasted on a dead sheep and I eventually became a good hunter. I ate rabbits, which were filling, bnut I loved the sweetness of birds, wrens were teh best as they nested fairly low and were plentiful.

This has been an eventful 3 1/2 years I am strong and healthy, have fathered 74 kittens that I know of, most of which are feral and live in the bush around town.

Recently the weather was so hot I was driven to find a drink at a nearby farm house, so I put aside my fear of man and found a bowl full of water, I was so terrified I wailed quiet loudly but the water was good. There was a small cat that would watch me through a window, it didnt seem to mind a human touching it and it would purr and rub itself on the human. I have never known what a stroke or pat felt like, but it looked lovely. Boy I was scared. Then one night by the water was some biscuits and a wire crate. I found the biscuits tasty and there were more each night.

My hunting had never been as good as it should have been, even the mice numbers had dropped off so I was hungry again and my last hunt had resulted in a small bird gecko. A week went by and I found myself thinking of  those biscuits again, I would return to the farm house. So in the early hours of the morning I returned and to my disappointment no biscuits were there!. Darn! But hang on whats that, in the back of the crate was a chicken leg. Boy, I had never seen one so big and it smelt so good, my mouth was watering. After cautiously circling the crate I found an opening and in I went. CRASH! I was locked in, I was scared out of my wits and bang, bang, bang I smashed the door with my head, but it would not open. I was locked in.

In the morning a man came to take the crate which I now know was a cat trap, away with me inside, he was the Ranger. I had no malice for the faarmers for trapping me, theydid the right thing. The Ranger said to me before everything went black “Sorry old son its not your fault”

What I am angry at is my irresponsible,gutless thoughtless, useless and  cruel owner of my mother. Had they accepted responsibility none of my woeful life would have happened. The Vet or Ranger would have put me down as a kitten or the re-homing centre would of gladly found me a home.

But now all my offspring are not only facing years of hunger and thirst they are spreading disease, namely feline lukemia and cat AIDS, plus others which will infect all cats and result in a prolonged and nasty death. So please don’t go down the same road as my mothers owners, they were too stupid, cruel, ignorant, uncaring and gutless.  Be responsible  and DONT DUMP CATS!!!!!!!

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