Dont trust your daughter with your car keys………..

Some of you may remember this post about my 1oyr old son & my car keys…………. Well must say he no longer has bragging rights to being the only person in our family to have done this now!!

We were in town a few months ago & Miss Lankylegs was having a sleep over with a friend. Anyways we were at Bunnings to a sausage sizzle fundraiser for Sir Dreamsalot’s camp. All was going well, selling lots of sausages, drinks & raffle tickets. Then DD’s friends mum turns up to collect the girls off they went to my car to get the bag containing all sorts of crap, essentials for   & return to me to say goodbye. Following conversation ensues:

Me “Where’s my keys”?

DD “ohhh no ”

Me “Yeah sure sure hand the bloody things over.

DD “uummm no Mum I am serious I have locked them in the boot”

Me mutters under breath FFS! “Oh crap ok go on your sleepover I will ring road side assist again!

DD “OK Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mum xxxx

Me hmmmmm, off I go traipse over to car retrieve phone number from sticker & go through the motions, report car & location operator asks “how will we find you in Bunnings?” Me “easy go to the sausage sizzle out the front!!”

About an hour or so passes & just as we have sold out of snags, & start packing up a bloke rocks up to the sizzle, Me “sorry mate we have sold out of snags, can offer you a cold drink or raffle ticket though 😀 ”

He ” Ahh no thanks I am looking for Tina”

Me “ooohhh that be me, guess your  the bloke who’s gonna break into my car for me then, Ok its over here”

10 minutes later & he is in with the alarm on the car going off & every person in the car park gawking at us, & yes just like last time they were right at the front of the boot amongst other crap in the boot Yep another bit of wire  & yay my keys are retrieved, the alarm is off & paperwork is signed.

I did take great delight in texting all family members about Miss Lankylegs faux pas & Sir Dreamsalot took great delight in  nick naming his sister Boots 2 as he was called Boots for awhile after his turn.

Bloody kids, maybe when they get their own cars  I will be able to return the favour!!! LOL

Tina x

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