Well its been a long time between posts but………..

WOW theres lots to tell!!!

The house is coming along in leaps & bounds, in fact TODAY I am going to fax off the notice to vacate our rental premises………….excited much??? Hell yeah!! October 29th is the day we get the keys to OUR house 🙂 We have been house owners before, but it was a “renovators delight” that still wasnt finished when we sold it LOL. This times its all brand spanking new 🙂 No siiking money into it fixing it up, or dreaming of what we could do if we had more $$. Nope this time move in, get outside looking good with lawn etc & then just enjoy……….ahhh can almost taste the celebratory drinks in the alfresco now!!

Bob (Hubby) had last week off work, both our kids were in Perth on a FESA Cadet camp so we spent the week fencing & swinging gates at the block. Now when we move the dogs will be able to run about in the house yard & we will be able to go get DD’s pet sheep & put them into their paddocks also 🙂 Its all coming together so well that I have to pinch myself to make sure its real & happening.

Next big job after we move is to go dismantle a 20 x 40 shed that hubby bought & re assemble it at our place…………….eeek!!!!

So updated photos below

Got more exciting news to share tomorrow night after my visit to Abandoned Art 🙂

Tina xx


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