The time has come


To start packing YAY!!!!!!   Have gathered boxes from the local store, got that really good super strong packing tape {which I will keep away from hubby & the cat!!!}

But my enthusiasm is not to be found 😦 Dont get me wrong I cant wait to move out of this house & into our house & set up my sewing room but urgh where do I start??!! Usually I am a packing dynamo & we spend the last week or 2 living off the picnic set, 1 frypan, 1 saucepan & enough clothes to last & thats it!! Honest you can ask my hubby but this time I cant seem to get into it. So far all I have packed is the kids books. Hmmmm maybe if I was to pack up all my fabrics & sewing stuff I might stop finding excuses getting distracted & get packing………….now where did I put that tape???


Tina…………..ohhh look at that pattern..…………off to pack a box or 2


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