After almost 16 yrs of service

our fridge has carked it. It was a lovely large upside down Westinghouse bought when the only colour you had to choose from was white or well white!

We bought the fridge about a week after our Miss Lankylegs was born. We lived in Orange NSW at the time  & it was a test model from the factory floor so really to get almost 16 yrs out of it I think is pretty good!! It has also been moved across country from NSW to WA & into quite a few houses we have lived in in those years. And up until moving it outside lastnight it still held childrens art work as Miss Lankylegs & her mate have been doing some funny drawings in class & hanging them on our fridge.

This fridge has many many things so heres an A-Z of *some*of those things:

A- Alcohol & Apples                                          B-Baby food & Beetroot

C- Coke & Cat food                                           D- Diet coke & Dips

E – Eggs & Eclairs                                             F – Food (duh!) & Frankfurts

G- Grapes & Green peas                                 H – Ham & Honey joys

I – Icecream & Ice                                            J – Jelly & Jap pumpkin

K – Kiwi fruits & KFC                                     L – Lemons & Lamb

M- Melons & Milk                                          N – Nougat & Nectarines

O – Onions & Oranges                                   P – Plums & Pork

Q – Quiche & umm well Quiche LOL         R- Rice & Roast meats

S – Salads & Salami                                        T- Tuna & Tomatoes

U – ummmmm stored alot of that over the years V- Vegemite & Vegetables

W – Water & Whipped Cream                      X- Xmas cake & Xmas left overs

Y – Yoghurt & Yolks                                         Z – Zucchini & Zingy drinks

But unfortunately for the last week its been freezing everything inside it 😦 We have lost heaps of food so it was time to go fridge shopping…………………O.M.G who’d have thought this was such a hard task ?? Nore more is it a simple quick yes take the white one in the size that will fit the space and the hardest thing being top or bottom freezer Nooooooooooooooo.

Do you want : white, black (which I REALLY like but wow the $$$$ was scary!) or stainless steel, brushed steel or satin look ? One door or french door, freezer with door or drawer. Ice & water dispenser – plumbed or not. Side by side or just a dedicated fridge >_< my head hurts!!!!!! Then the running costs, literage capacity, do we like the way the shelves are, can they be moved about, will at least 4 2litre bottles fit (2 x milk, water & juice) is there egg storage, what are the cripsers like…………………….pass the panadol please.

So I had it narrowed down to 5 fridges which fitted into all of the above & more I think! Hubby & I went to town armed with my list & the prices. My favourite was the stainless steel, french door, bottom load Electroux but it was also at the top of the price range. Showed hubby all the options that would fit into our space & confused the poor buggar LOL. He also liked the french door jobby but we were still umming & ahhhing on the prices then as we were looking at another they whacked a further 10% off sign on the fridge, & well next thing you know we are signing the dotted line & loading her up! Lucky we did as it was the last one in stock & as we were wheeling her out the  door another couple came in with their catalogue & I heard the sales lady say Sorry  I just sold the last one, pointing to our new fridge, it is a lovely fridge too !

While they were bubble wrapping the fridge I should have just walked outside but damn it was cold out there so I wandered the shop & a new washing machine also jumped into our trailer & followed us home! But thats a whole ‘nother post for another time 😉

A special visitor

we had a special visitor recently you can read her story here

Hmmmmmm H

Hganing my head in shame here as the last post was when we moved into our new house 9 months ago!!!! oops mind you Helstra ooops I mean Telstra took about 4 months to hook up our  phone line & internet…………….that was an interesting & time consuming process.

We are still loving our new house & ohh my sewing room squeeeeeeeeeeeeee its just divine! I have sew much fun in there! When I have time that is as I am also working full time this year doing 2 days a week at NDHS & 3 days at GPS.

So instead of boring you with more drivel I think I shall just fill up with photos that hopefully sum up the last 9 months 🙂


3 more sleeps

OMG we are down to 3 sleeps & we get our keys!!!! To say we are excited is an understatement.

The place we are currently in looks like a bomb has hit it due to boxes, bags & piles of stuff everywhere. This is a small house & no matter where I put the boxes it looks messy so its a case of just deal with it !!

Instead lets look at something nice like our new floor coverings & blinds………..

These are the kitchen blinds, every other window & sliding door has the same colour/style blind hanging at them. They arent as dark as they look in the pic.

In obvious need of a damn good vaccuuming but this is the carpet that is in our 3 bedrooms. Is nice & soft too 🙂

Not a very good pic sorry, but this is the floor coverings throughout the main part of the house including my new sewing room, will make sweeping up threads & fabric bits nice & easy 🙂


And for Stitches take on the whole packing moving thing see below

So now that I have organised Foxtel & Telephone to be moved this will probably be my last post until after the move. As neither company can tell me when we get our services hooked as we are in a rural area & anything outside of Perth they just cant comprehend!!!


Cheers and see you soon

Tina 🙂



Ohhh ‘cited!!!

Ohhh tomorrow morning (Wed 20th October 2010) we get our first official walk through of the house. OMG I am just bouncing off the walls here. All the floor coverings are in, the blinds are hung – which really sux as I can no longer go up & peer through the windows!!!

Half of this place is packed up & ready to go. Been having a great de-junking time as I go along & passing on nolonger loved treasures to others who want them 🙂 DS cleaned out his toy box & made himself a cool $59 from items he sold.

Its all falling into place so fingers crossed tomorrow goes well & we get the keys very very soon

Tina x

The time has come


To start packing YAY!!!!!!   Have gathered boxes from the local store, got that really good super strong packing tape {which I will keep away from hubby & the cat!!!}

But my enthusiasm is not to be found 😦 Dont get me wrong I cant wait to move out of this house & into our house & set up my sewing room but urgh where do I start??!! Usually I am a packing dynamo & we spend the last week or 2 living off the picnic set, 1 frypan, 1 saucepan & enough clothes to last & thats it!! Honest you can ask my hubby but this time I cant seem to get into it. So far all I have packed is the kids books. Hmmmm maybe if I was to pack up all my fabrics & sewing stuff I might stop finding excuses getting distracted & get packing………….now where did I put that tape???


Tina…………..ohhh look at that pattern..…………off to pack a box or 2

Cant have a plain boring foot now can we?

When your me, no you can’t!! LOL I have been wanting a new tattoo for ages now & knew what I wanted just needed to find the time & the funds 🙂 Well that finally happened yesterday 🙂 Soooo happy with my newest addition.

As you can see my foot was rather plain & boring before………………….but…………….

plain boring foot

Outline is all finished, like the look of it already!!

outline all finished

Looking good, colouring all done, 1 more step to go

colours all done

All finished now, no more plain boring foot anymore 🙂 🙂

All done



A huge thankyou goes to Dallas at Abandoned Art in Geraldton WA for the ink job 🙂 Another huge thankyou to my Dad & Mum who unbeknown to me had paid money off my tattoo for my birthday so when I went to pay it was a real surprise.


Tina xx

Dont trust your daughter with your car keys………..

Some of you may remember this post about my 1oyr old son & my car keys…………. Well must say he no longer has bragging rights to being the only person in our family to have done this now!!

We were in town a few months ago & Miss Lankylegs was having a sleep over with a friend. Anyways we were at Bunnings to a sausage sizzle fundraiser for Sir Dreamsalot’s camp. All was going well, selling lots of sausages, drinks & raffle tickets. Then DD’s friends mum turns up to collect the girls off they went to my car to get the bag containing all sorts of crap, essentials for   & return to me to say goodbye. Following conversation ensues:

Me “Where’s my keys”?

DD “ohhh no ”

Me “Yeah sure sure hand the bloody things over.

DD “uummm no Mum I am serious I have locked them in the boot”

Me mutters under breath FFS! “Oh crap ok go on your sleepover I will ring road side assist again!

DD “OK Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mum xxxx

Me hmmmmm, off I go traipse over to car retrieve phone number from sticker & go through the motions, report car & location operator asks “how will we find you in Bunnings?” Me “easy go to the sausage sizzle out the front!!”

About an hour or so passes & just as we have sold out of snags, & start packing up a bloke rocks up to the sizzle, Me “sorry mate we have sold out of snags, can offer you a cold drink or raffle ticket though 😀 ”

He ” Ahh no thanks I am looking for Tina”

Me “ooohhh that be me, guess your  the bloke who’s gonna break into my car for me then, Ok its over here”

10 minutes later & he is in with the alarm on the car going off & every person in the car park gawking at us, & yes just like last time they were right at the front of the boot amongst other crap in the boot Yep another bit of wire  & yay my keys are retrieved, the alarm is off & paperwork is signed.

I did take great delight in texting all family members about Miss Lankylegs faux pas & Sir Dreamsalot took great delight in  nick naming his sister Boots 2 as he was called Boots for awhile after his turn.

Bloody kids, maybe when they get their own cars  I will be able to return the favour!!! LOL

Tina x

Well its been a long time between posts but………..

WOW theres lots to tell!!!

The house is coming along in leaps & bounds, in fact TODAY I am going to fax off the notice to vacate our rental premises………….excited much??? Hell yeah!! October 29th is the day we get the keys to OUR house 🙂 We have been house owners before, but it was a “renovators delight” that still wasnt finished when we sold it LOL. This times its all brand spanking new 🙂 No siiking money into it fixing it up, or dreaming of what we could do if we had more $$. Nope this time move in, get outside looking good with lawn etc & then just enjoy……….ahhh can almost taste the celebratory drinks in the alfresco now!!

Bob (Hubby) had last week off work, both our kids were in Perth on a FESA Cadet camp so we spent the week fencing & swinging gates at the block. Now when we move the dogs will be able to run about in the house yard & we will be able to go get DD’s pet sheep & put them into their paddocks also 🙂 Its all coming together so well that I have to pinch myself to make sure its real & happening.

Next big job after we move is to go dismantle a 20 x 40 shed that hubby bought & re assemble it at our place…………….eeek!!!!

So updated photos below

Got more exciting news to share tomorrow night after my visit to Abandoned Art 🙂

Tina xx

When a bridesmaids dress doesnt fit

what do you do?!

Recently good friends of ours decided to get married & set a date 4weeks away!! OMG I thought she was bloody mad!!! But it all went beautifully.

One of her bridesmaids dress’s didnt fit her sister, so sister got a new dress made leaving other dress at brides house. While I was discussing the wedding one day with the bride I asked what her daughter was wearing & she had no idea LOL. So I offered to remake the no longer needed bridemaids dress for her into a dress for Jess. We then discussed bouquets & she asked if i could do something with the dress for them as well. Of course I can I said 😀 with my fingers crossed LOL.

This is the end results, I think I did pretty good considering I only had a week to do it !!

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