Well its been a long time between posts but………..

WOW theres lots to tell!!!

The house is coming along in leaps & bounds, in fact TODAY I am going to fax off the notice to vacate our rental premises………….excited much??? Hell yeah!! October 29th is the day we get the keys to OUR house 🙂 We have been house owners before, but it was a “renovators delight” that still wasnt finished when we sold it LOL. This times its all brand spanking new 🙂 No siiking money into it fixing it up, or dreaming of what we could do if we had more $$. Nope this time move in, get outside looking good with lawn etc & then just enjoy……….ahhh can almost taste the celebratory drinks in the alfresco now!!

Bob (Hubby) had last week off work, both our kids were in Perth on a FESA Cadet camp so we spent the week fencing & swinging gates at the block. Now when we move the dogs will be able to run about in the house yard & we will be able to go get DD’s pet sheep & put them into their paddocks also 🙂 Its all coming together so well that I have to pinch myself to make sure its real & happening.

Next big job after we move is to go dismantle a 20 x 40 shed that hubby bought & re assemble it at our place…………….eeek!!!!

So updated photos below

Got more exciting news to share tomorrow night after my visit to Abandoned Art 🙂

Tina xx

Footings and cement pad :D

Wednesday 3rd March saw our footings get poured & the mesh laid. We thought it would be about a week until the pad was done so you can imagine our surprise when we went for a drive up on Fri (5th-03/10) afternoon and we saw cement!!! OMG we were soooooo excited!!

When we were there on the Friday the slab was still wet & I was very tempted to write our names on there but thought I better not LOL. We went back up on the weekend when it was dry & walked all over it, working out rooms & where the oven will eventually be, taking in the views from our loungeroom & kitchen. Sat in my sewing room & dreamt what it will look like (of course it was nice,tidy & organised with not threads or off cuts on the floor ROFL!!) Brayden laid in his room & complained it was uncomfortable ROFL!

Hopefully soon the bricks will arrive 🙂

Things are a happening :)

Wow its been a busy 3 weeks up the block & I have to say things are coming along very nicely though we were shocked to see how much yellow sand had to be carted in. We thought it was a pretty level area on the block we chose but we all know looks can be deceiving.

The sand arrived by the truckload. The pad was done during the last week of Feb, was very exciting to go up & see things taking shape

Clearing a spot

Bob (my wonderful hubby) had a few hours on the loader on Friday & managed to flatten the mango trees that the cruiser couldn’t budge LOL so now there is hardly any mango trees left, a driveway roughly bladed in & a house site ready to finish levelling off & get ready for the yellow sand pad 🙂

Hopefully the building lisence will arrive this week, it would have been last but when Bob went to the Northampton Shire to ask what was going on they told him the bloody builders had sent them a cheque but it was made out to the Geraldton-Greenough Shire, bloody idiots!!! But once they get the correct cheque we are full steam ahead :)woot woot!!

The mango’s are still growing but the poor leaves as you can see in the pic didnt like the 49* day we had last week, they look like they had been on fire but it was just from the sun!! ( and ppl lay out there baking in it!!)

Following photos are hubby (Bob) & DD (Miss LankyLegs) figuring out the retric situation for the mango trees we are keeping, for now.

Bush Hilton

My Dad had an old gutted caravan that he bought for………….hmmmm not really sure why he bought it actually LOL.

Anyway he bought it up the block for us to use as a lunch room or storage room while we are doing things up there. Keep telling the kids thats what we are going to live in but they dont believe me maybe next time we go up I should tell them to take their pillows & blankets ROFL!!!

Bush Hilton

A couple of the trees actually have mangoes on them {not that we eat the ruddy things!!}

And I am not one to normally sook about breaking a fingernail I mean come on they grow back so its not a monumental loss or anything but look at what I did to my thumb nail. Damn  it bloody hurt too being soo far up the nail. I cut it right back as far as I could when we got home 😦


Going to be round the 45* mark this weekend so I dont think we will be going up the block much!!!!

Mango tree 1 landcruiser 0

Well last weekend up the block we went again, we have already pulled down the fence that needed moving & most of the reticulation so we are up to the pulling out of trees from the house site. Cool!

Bob pegged out the site while I walked up the hill & took some new photos to show you how the block looks in summer, believe me its much prettier in winter LOL.  Anyway once he got the posts in we picked a tree to start with & got organised. Chain around the tree, hooked up to towing points on the bull bar of the cruiser. I had the camera armed & ready to catch the tree leaving the ground. Hubby chucks the cruiser in 4 low reverse & goes for it………………….only to have all 4 wheels spinning ROLF. The tree is rooted better than we thought!! goes forward & tries again only to have the same result.

Get out asses situation & says ok will tie it to the toe ball & drive forward you get better traction, more power etc. Yep thats what we’ll do. So set it all up takes off & nup tree is not moving LOL!!! Ties chain higher in the tree tried again split the tree in half & there we quit! ROFL Tree is still in the ground, wheel ruts are in the dirt {see pics below} and the chain is packed away. He is now organising a loader to get them out!

Mind you I must say the ground is rock hard & dry as a nuns fanny. If it was winter time I am sure they would pull out a lot easier.

At long last its ours

We received the best christmas pressie on 24th Dec 2009 5 acres of land became ours!!! (or the banks if you want to look at it that way LOL )

We first looked at the land way back in June and started making enquiries. It took a log time but eventually we got it. Many holdups do to banks, builders & penpushers had us thinking more than once that it would all fall in a hole & our dreams would be dust BUT as they say good things come to those who wait. So we waited & waited, then waited some more & hurrah its now in our name.

These photos are from back in June/July when we had had some rain & everything was green

We have started to pull down fences, pull out miles of reticulation & have decided on which few mango trees will stay.

The plans are with the shire awaiting approval so we can get started.

We are off up there again this weekend to pull up more of the trickle & perhaps start on pulling out the other mango trees we dont want.