When a bridesmaids dress doesnt fit

what do you do?!

Recently good friends of ours decided to get married & set a date 4weeks away!! OMG I thought she was bloody mad!!! But it all went beautifully.

One of her bridesmaids dress’s didnt fit her sister, so sister got a new dress made leaving other dress at brides house. While I was discussing the wedding one day with the bride I asked what her daughter was wearing & she had no idea LOL. So I offered to remake the no longer needed bridemaids dress for her into a dress for Jess. We then discussed bouquets & she asked if i could do something with the dress for them as well. Of course I can I said 😀 with my fingers crossed LOL.

This is the end results, I think I did pretty good considering I only had a week to do it !!

How to insert metal snaps

Not sure on how to use metal snaps ?? Thought I would share this tut with you all I love how its written & love her blog altogether!!

The writing style is so well done, I read it often just for a giggle!!

Meet Dolly……..


Meet the newest addition to my sewing room, her name is Dolly {yes I name all my major items in my sewing room} Isnt she just divine?! I have been hankering after a dress makers dummy for years!! One of my habby shops had them out on special & my wonderful hubby took me shopping!!! 😀 😀

She is fully adjustable from a size 10 to 16 height adjustable & also has a hem marker for nice straight even hems! I cant wait to try her out.

I did unpack her when we got her home to check her out & see how she worked but she has gone back into the box for now, lots of Sewing Fairy orders on the go but once they are clear I will be bringing her out again & making some thing for me

Happy Sewing


I-Spy with my little eye

Hello Everyone,

Things have been busy here in the Fairy Den. Lots of sewing & embroidering happening which means new products for you!!

First up I have redesigned our Burp Cloths, they are still the same great shape & size BUT they are now more absorbent having 3 layers to them now & the new design looks soooooo groovy. You will be the hippest Mum out there! Even better I have put them on special for the next week 🙂

Secondly I have released our NEW I-Spy bags. What’s an I-Spy bag you say?

Well an I-Spy Bag is a fun, fleece bean bag with a see-through window. Each bag is filled with non-toxic polypropylene pellets, unlike others that use rodent attracting rice or wheat, in which 25 assorted goodies are hidden inside. Then kids manipulate the bag moving the pellets to find the items. These are discounted by $5 for a limited new release special time
piggy-small whale-small
Lastly don’t forget to enter our April competition where you can win your very own Stab’Em doll.

Until next time

Your Sewing Fairy

Tina x


Hello everyone,

I have a new product that will delight both mothers & daughters a like!

How many times have you dug to the bottom of your handbag or school bag to find the covers on your tampons or sanitary pads have come adrift & they are now sporting bits of fluff, crumbs & anything else that decides to stick to them? These products are pricey enough without having to throw them away unused.

Or have you had your delightful young children find them in your bag at the most inappropraite moment holding them up for everyone to see while asking in their loudest voices MUUUUUUUUM whats this for????

Remember back to school & at some stage of your school life they have fallen out of your bag, or locker right when the coolest bunch of boys in the school walk by!! Oh the embarassment.

This is where our new SanPacs come to the rescue. They are a funky little pouch designed to hold pads, tampons or a combination of both.

With the disaster that has hit our  Victorian residents The Sewing Fairy is donating all profits fof salees for the next month from today 12th Feb 2008 until the 12th March 2009 to the Victorian Wildlife Rescue if you would like to make a further donation follow the prompts on their home page.

Your Sewing Fairy


Note to self……..

Sewing rule number 2547………..


When making Christmas stockings with white fluff never never never wear a black top!

Sigh and  I took this after I had brushed myself off!!! 😆



Here at The Sewing Fairy we love Christmas & all the magical joy it brings to families around the world.

The joy of giving is just a wonderful feeling to have and with that in mind we are having a Christmas giveaway.

All you have to do is join our newsletter

and you are in the running to win 1 of 3 personalised Christmas Stockings.

Competition closes & winners will be drawn at random on 5pm (Western Australian time) 30th November 2008, winners will be notified by email & announced on the homepage 1st December 2008.  All new newsletter sign ups receive 1 entry into the draw, all current newsletter subscribers receive 1 entry into the draw and a BONUS entry if they refer a friend to join the newsletter and their friend lets us know

The countdown is on!!

And what a great way to count down the sleeps??? Instead of those chocolate filled advent calendars that have the kdis eating chocolate every morning for the first 24days in December check out the Christmas Countdown Calendar where the kids can rub out & change the number each day. Made from gorgeous Christmas fabrics & with a piece of chalk attached to a ribbon for changing the day number.


Tina xx

Christmas Stocking

Recently a lovely lady from All For Women contacted me about a personalised Christmas stocking for her nephew Owen. Last year I did personalised stockings but with the rush leading up to Christmas I never actually got them onto The Sewing Fairy site & with many people leaving them to the last minute to order can you believe I actually forgot to take photos!!!! But I did take photos of Owens before it left the Fairy Den.

The whole stocking made from red velvet & white fur

Close up of the name embroidery only 1 style of many available

Detail on the ‘toe’ section of the stocking, stitched in metallic gold thread.

I have some more Christmas ideas up my sleeve & will be test stiching them very soon. Keep an eye out for further posts & pics 🙂 After all there is only


Tina xx

Would you like to win a pattern?

My good friend Shelle over at Angels Come To Play is giving away patterns, if you read this entire blog post you will know what to do if you want to try & win 😉

Go & visit her today she has a lovely site & tell her Tina sent you 😉

Happy Stitching

Tina xx

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