How to insert metal snaps

Not sure on how to use metal snaps ?? Thought I would share this tut with you all I love how its written & love her blog altogether!!

The writing style is so well done, I read it often just for a giggle!!

Can you sew a button??

The standard response when people find out I sew all day is “Oh I really admire people who can sew, I cant even sew a button!!” This gob smacks me but it shouldnt as even my own sister cant sew a button & yet our Mother is one of the most talented sewist I know. Buttons never fell off any of the clothing she made for us.

Now sewing on a button isnt rocket science it really is easy just take a look here & you will see, so why not grab a needle, some thread, a button  & give it a go? You never know you may end up liking it 😉

Happy stitching


Keeping your pets safe

Keep your pets safe in your sewing area. Buy a new toilet brush from the cheapie store and at the end of your sewing time use it to run around your sewing area to pick up any loose threads so that your animals don’t ingest the threads and end up at the vets with an impacted digestive system. This can save you thousands of dollars in doctor bills but *MOST* importantly can save your pets life.

Your pets Thank You in advance.