Ohhhh what a great giveaway

For those of you who love love love Melly & Me patterns & want a chance to win  a pattern of your chioce or those who love love love stamping  & want a chance to win a Handcarved Stamp Kit from Two Cheese Please then get your backsides over to The Habby Goddess blog & enter their fabulouscompetition. Its really easy to so you dont have to cram or study 😆

Tina xxxx



Novelty Voodoo Dolls

Some one making your life a misery? Want to vent your frustrations without causing harm? Well The Sewing Fairy has the answer for you with our novelty voodoo dolls.

Available in Husband, Wife, Postman, Taxman, Teenager, Ex Husband, Ex Wife, Child & Dieting with sayings appropriate for each theme. We even have a Love doll so all your desires can be met!

Available in a variety of colours & priced at only $14.95,but for 1 week only our Stab’Ems are at a new release price of only $11.95, and

our Stab’Ems come with 4 pins so you can start venting immediately.

For 1 week only Stab’Ems are at a new release price of only $11.95

NB Stab’Ems voodoo dolls are sold as a novelty only, no harm or spells will be cast by using a Stab’Em. Not recommended for children due to sharp objects.

Back to School Specials

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great Christmas & a wonderful New Year. We did in our household & the holidays have been wonderful so far…………*touch wood* ………………  but now that all the Christmas bling has gone, its time to think about those school book lists we got back in November 2008.

To help with the cost of sending the kids back to school we have put our Library Totes and our Art Smocks on special for the next 2 weeks only.

We have also released a new product called Lip Gloss or Memory Stick holders these are so handy to have on hand and have been a hit with my product testers. These are also at an introudctory price of $6 each for the next 2 weeks.

As a super special for newsletter subscribers only if you order both a library bag & an art smock you will receive a FREE Lipgloss/memory stick holder. All you need to do is place your order & I will contact you regarding which design or name you would like on your FREE ITEM

As always pass this newsletter onto anyone you think may like to receive it & you can post it onto any groups you are a member of if they allow.

Your Sewing Fairy



Join the hunting fun

Like to solve & follow clues ???

Then click on the banner above & sign up for the Spring Style Hunt & be in the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Kudos to Janome Australia

How wonderful are peoples generosity ??  As you know I do a lot of embroidery for the Purple Bra Day here in Northampton which is a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA.  Everything I make for them I donate 100% so they can sell them at a good price & they donate 100% of the money raised to  BCF WA.

Well over the years I have contacted various companies I deal with & have had numerous threads & stabalisers donated to the cause. As I do all my embroidery on a Janome 300E & only use Janome Blue Tips (needles) in the machine, I contacted Janome to see if they would perhaps donate a packet or two of Blue Tips. (5 needles per packet). I sent them photos of items I have made, contact numbers for the people who co-ordinate the day so they could verify what I do & that I am not just someone after a free ride.

Well imagine my surprise on Monday when I collected my mail & there was a parcel awaiting pickup & when I opened it, it contained a FULL BOX of 500 Janome Blue Tips!!! OMG I couldnt believe it their generosity is astounding!! I have written to them to thank them for the donation & placed the needles in the big box marked Purple Bra day, as I keep all their items seperately & ONLY use them for Purple Bra stitching!!

Janome Australia THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart you are truly wonderful!!!

Here are some links to various peoples writings on our fabulous Purple Bra Day




Would you like to win a pattern?

My good friend Shelle over at Angels Come To Play is giving away patterns, if you read this entire blog post you will know what to do if you want to try & win 😉

Go & visit her today she has a lovely site & tell her Tina sent you 😉

Happy Stitching

Tina xx

Had a makeover

NO not me, though lord knows I could do with a damn good one !! ROFL But my favourite craft site/forum has had an upgrade & is really great!

Craft Mad is here for anyone and everyone that enjoys anything to do with crafts. Being a member of Craft Mad will bring new friends that enjoy the same things as you and is the perfect way to share your knowledge and at the same time share your skills.
Every member has their own gallery space to display their work as well as view everyone else’s. If you have a project that you would like to share you can submit it as an article for approval and we will display it in our projects section. It’s all FREE!

So why dont you click in the image below & join in our fun ?!

Hope to see you there

Tina x

Mums Night Out

Mums’ Night Out! is an annual event, providing a safe, fun and entertaining night out just for mums – complete with giveaways, goody bags, food, drink, entertainment, dancing, no kids, raffles and a heap of fun!
Grab a group of friends and book your tickets now (for only $57 per person – and you get all of the above)
Your attendance will also go towards supporting the Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service.
When: Friday the 16th May 2008
Where: Ascot House, 50 Fenton Street Ascot Vale
How Can I Book My Tickets??? visit http://www.mumsnightout.com.au – easy!

Shirts with attitude

I have been busy working on some shirts with Mad Cow (AKA Amanda) over at Real Mums. They are a hoot & perfectly sum up mums, kids & dads!!! If you are interested in buying them, they make awesome Christmas pressies then go to the Real Mums Shop.  They are selling fast so make sure you dont miss out!!

    this is just a small sample of the shirts. Cruise on over & check the rest out. Which is your favourite? Which one sums up your family the best??

Now while your there checking out the ultra cool shirts stop in to the  Walk 4 PND page & if you are able sign up for the walk the dinner or both. You still have 8 days before the walk takes place. Being on the opposite side of the country I cant attend myself but I have donated a few prizes for the cause.



Sellout of X-stitch books

Been busy giving the sewing/work room a cleanout & I have mountains of cross stitch books that I no longer use.

Over the next few days I will be listing them all on  http://www.craftauctions.com.au so if your after some cheap x-stitch books drop by & see what I have on offer.

So far I have about 20 of 60 books listed.

I have the Creative Cross stitch collection

Cross Stitch magic collection and then various other books as well

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