Thomas the cat

This story appeared in my local town’s newspaper it is very well written, there is no author to it but I feel the more we can get the word out there the better!!

My name is Thomas I am a smoky grey tabby cat. When I was a kitten my brothers and sisters all found homes and were given away until I was the only one left of the litter. I have since discovered that had my mothers owners been responsible people they would have taken my Mum to the vet so she wouldnt have litters one after the other andd have her babies flushed down the toilet alive!!

But back to my story, as I was the only one left, my mothers thoughtless, selfish, cruel and gutless owners decided it far easier to take me to the local tip rather than have the vet put me down. “at least we we will give him a chance” BULLSHIT! What chance??? I was taken by car to the tip & thrown out withut a backward glance. “He will find something to eat here” Yeah right! I was always hungry, but as I grew I found I could catch the occassional lizard which was better than insects, but I was still hungry and thirsty, I missed my mothers milk. On good days I caught a bird, on those days I slept well as I wasnt so hungry. But I needed more. Once I feasted on a dead sheep and I eventually became a good hunter. I ate rabbits, which were filling, bnut I loved the sweetness of birds, wrens were teh best as they nested fairly low and were plentiful.

This has been an eventful 3 1/2 years I am strong and healthy, have fathered 74 kittens that I know of, most of which are feral and live in the bush around town.

Recently the weather was so hot I was driven to find a drink at a nearby farm house, so I put aside my fear of man and found a bowl full of water, I was so terrified I wailed quiet loudly but the water was good. There was a small cat that would watch me through a window, it didnt seem to mind a human touching it and it would purr and rub itself on the human. I have never known what a stroke or pat felt like, but it looked lovely. Boy I was scared. Then one night by the water was some biscuits and a wire crate. I found the biscuits tasty and there were more each night.

My hunting had never been as good as it should have been, even the mice numbers had dropped off so I was hungry again and my last hunt had resulted in a small bird gecko. A week went by and I found myself thinking of  those biscuits again, I would return to the farm house. So in the early hours of the morning I returned and to my disappointment no biscuits were there!. Darn! But hang on whats that, in the back of the crate was a chicken leg. Boy, I had never seen one so big and it smelt so good, my mouth was watering. After cautiously circling the crate I found an opening and in I went. CRASH! I was locked in, I was scared out of my wits and bang, bang, bang I smashed the door with my head, but it would not open. I was locked in.

In the morning a man came to take the crate which I now know was a cat trap, away with me inside, he was the Ranger. I had no malice for the faarmers for trapping me, theydid the right thing. The Ranger said to me before everything went black “Sorry old son its not your fault”

What I am angry at is my irresponsible,gutless thoughtless, useless and  cruel owner of my mother. Had they accepted responsibility none of my woeful life would have happened. The Vet or Ranger would have put me down as a kitten or the re-homing centre would of gladly found me a home.

But now all my offspring are not only facing years of hunger and thirst they are spreading disease, namely feline lukemia and cat AIDS, plus others which will infect all cats and result in a prolonged and nasty death. So please don’t go down the same road as my mothers owners, they were too stupid, cruel, ignorant, uncaring and gutless.  Be responsible  and DONT DUMP CATS!!!!!!!

How to keep a 9o kg+ body cool on a 48* day!

Its a hard thing to do & his most favourite way is under the table in the air conditioning 😆


But evry now and then he likes to exert a little energy play under the sprinkler:

And when your aslong as he is you have to cool each section before laying under the water 🙂

He’s definately your Daddy!!

Went visiting Boofs  puppies again last week. They were 4 weeks old on Sunday (18/1/09) & weigh over 3kg each!! They are doing really well & there has been interest in buying them already!! If anyone reading wants details on buying email me & I can let you know the details 😉

They are eating weetbix, chicken mince & rice and still feeding from Mum, but Mum gets some alone time outside now which she is throughtly enjoying (hey dont all us mums enjoy that alone time?!)

Who’s your Daddy???

We went visiting today & theres no denying it Boof has mini Boof’s out there :lol:!!

These gorgeous guys & gals are Boof & Minni’s 2 week old pups & they weighing in at 1.5 -1.8 kg already!

Poor Mum was having trouble keeping her milk up to them, so they are getting bottle feeds as well as Mum feeds.

They are all totally gorgeous (just like their Daddy) & no we are NOT having any!!

When the fur flies

Poor Miss Stitches being a chinchilla with fur over 2inches long she really feels the heat. So this year we decided to have her clipped at the vet to make he more comfortable.  I really wasnt prepared for what I saw when I picked her up. The vet warned me NO LAUGHING allowed!!!


I really wasnt expecting that! I thought surely they would have trimmed her all over ??? Not just taken her coat off!!! I swear I was in shock and so was she! Its been about a month now since her haircut & the fur is very very slowly growing back! And she is talking to me again now but wont go anywhere near the cat carrier……………..I wonder why?!

Big does not mean brave~!

Boof & I went off to the vets today, its been 12months since his last visit so all he needed was weighing & needles 🙂

Day started well opened up the car & in he shot looking very excited, last time he went in the car he got to shack up & spend the night making babies think he thought he was in for more of the same :lol:. So 10mins into the trip he is bored, snoring & farting in the back of the car……!

At the vets he jumps out all excited, in we go. Boof sit ohh good boy now just step onto the scales……………..Boof I cant lift you mate please step on the scales………look I’ve got cheese your favourite treat in the world………… you are not going to just stick your tongue out & get the cheese.

Plan B lets try again go for a walk round waiting room cheese sitting on the scales vet ready to help and………… paw on the scale……….two paws & 2/3rds of the body, vet tries unsuccessfully to push the rear end on 😆  saw a reading of 80kg cheese eaten & now no part of dog on the scales. Ok thats close enough he says lets go to the exam room. 😆

Boof is very well behaved & just stood lapping up all the attention to his heart (oops sorry vet about the hairful of slobber you got while listening to his chest) teeth, eyes, ears and all the pats of course, but when the thermometer was put on the table I just laughed……….and fed Boof lots of cheese!!! Takes a while for the signal to get from one end of his body to the other he is over 6ft long now! So that went well, more cheese good boy Boof. Needle in all the extra loose skin he has round his neck………Boof get out of my bag i know thats where the cheese is!! Thanks doc will go pay up & go home 🙂

Out to reception, I can see Boof thinking WTF  looking at the big burly bloke sitting there with a fluffy Maltese on his knee.(not sure if it was the bloke or the dog that looked like our cat that puzzled him) Big burly bloke avoids eye contact with me a size 12 lady whose dog weighs more than she does. Bill all paid more cuddles from receptionist who doesn’t mind Boof slobber & out to the car we go…………….What no way Boof get in the bloody car please I cant lift you in remember we tried that very unsuccessfully  on the bloody scales that were only a 2inch step up so there is NO WAY in hell I am going to get you into the back of the cruiser! Shit shit shit………lady in the shop I can see you giggling at me trying to coax my horse I mean dog into the car! Back to the vet can I have some help please??? Lovely receptionist comes to my rescue & together with me in the back of the car pulling & her at the back of the dog pushing we load him in we look round for our treats/rewards realize we are covered in Boof slobber & laugh.

I swear next year I am either hiring a horse float or telling hubby its his turn! Wonder what he will weigh then as he hasnt finished growing yet!! 😮

Meet Cocoa

A new addition to our family.

After loosing 2 rabbits last year we had been putting Miss LankyLegs off getting another as our climte here makes it very hard for pet rabbits (today a classic example 38* for the day) BUT while her Nan was here visiting off to the pet shop we went & returned with this delightful young fella!! He is truely the most beautiful rabbit I have seen with his unusual markings. I really hope he survives summer !!

So far he eats everything she feeds him, loves the fresh vegies & his favourite food seems to be pears. Loves coming inside for a cuddle & play.

waiting for inspiration

the mojo was gone so she catnapped instead LOL

Furry friend’s are best!

My poor (human) kids have been sick this school holidays. Its not been nice for them at all, totally lethargic, not wanting food & just generally feeling like shit!

Most of the time they are laying on the lounge & trying to reserve what little energy they have. And in times like this what better friend to accompany you on the lounge than a cat? The dedication they show you is just amazing & they are always there for you when you are sick.

Below is a pic I snapped the other day, neither of them woke when the flash went off either.


patterns is such tiring work, you have to figure out what it is you want to make & the sizes, then you have to draw & re draw until its perfect. Then you factor in the changes you thought up while drawing the pattern. not to mention you have to get another piece of paper as someone has a much better use for your original piece !!!

Happy Stitchin’


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