waiting for inspiration

the mojo was gone so she catnapped instead LOL

Furry friend’s are best!

My poor (human) kids have been sick this school holidays. Its not been nice for them at all, totally lethargic, not wanting food & just generally feeling like shit!

Most of the time they are laying on the lounge & trying to reserve what little energy they have. And in times like this what better friend to accompany you on the lounge than a cat? The dedication they show you is just amazing & they are always there for you when you are sick.

Below is a pic I snapped the other day, neither of them woke when the flash went off either.


patterns is such tiring work, you have to figure out what it is you want to make & the sizes, then you have to draw & re draw until its perfect. Then you factor in the changes you thought up while drawing the pattern. not to mention you have to get another piece of paper as someone has a much better use for your original piece !!!

Happy Stitchin’


My newest trick

Is to get on the lounge when the humans leave the room !!


I almost blend in with the cushions. They keep putting me back on the mat on the floor though cheeky buggars.I mean just coz I gained 3 kg again this week (19kg now & I am 11wks old) anyone would think I will outgrown the sharing the lounge stage. I will still share so long as they let me lay on them LOL

I have also got the sit & drop down which delights Mum into giving me more treats, though I can be stubborn in who I show it off to.

Growing rapidly

well Boof is now 10wks old & he has DOULBED his weight from when we got him 4 wks ago. He has grown heaps & looks more like a dog than a pup now. He is now 16kgs, 18inches tall at the shoulder & 45inches from tail tip to nose tip

Since last Saturday he has been sleeping outside of a night (still with Elmo) & he spends most of the day out there playing with Denim(our 4yr old blue heeler)

He is a real goofball & loves to come in for playing & cuddles which happens often during the day & he has a big session in after tea until bed time, mind you he wont go to bed until we are going & all the lights are off. If he falls asleep on the floor & I put him out he will sook & sook to come back in if the lights & TV are still on!!

here he is enjoying a shower

and drying off on the mat afterwards.

Look at that face who could resist him?

He has 3 meals a day of pet mince & biscuits & then a treat or two when we are doing training (sit/stay/drop etc)

Visited the vets today

They were great in letting me leave them there while I had my new tattoo done, saved me another trip tomorrow as its over 50k’s one way to Geraldton.

Stitches had her stitches removed & has healed wonderfully. Not a mark to be seen.

Boof was micro chipped & had his first round of needles. He sooked when we left him & apparently sooked a bit in the time he was there. But they loved him. And well who couldnt love him? Just look at the beautiful boy

Its a dogs life

& such a hard one at that…………NOT!! Look at this spoilt buggar will you. Wonder what Boof will think when we get the fence built & he has to “rough” it outside? He was 7wks old on Friday how many more weeks until all that will fit in the bed is his head?? LOL It’s Natasha’s dolls bed BTW & I do have photos of stitches in it somewhere also. The pink laced edged sheets really does well for his manly image doesnt it 🙂

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