Dont trust your daughter with your car keys………..

Some of you may remember this post about my 1oyr old son & my car keys…………. Well must say he no longer has bragging rights to being the only person in our family to have done this now!!

We were in town a few months ago & Miss Lankylegs was having a sleep over with a friend. Anyways we were at Bunnings to a sausage sizzle fundraiser for Sir Dreamsalot’s camp. All was going well, selling lots of sausages, drinks & raffle tickets. Then DD’s friends mum turns up to collect the girls off they went to my car to get the bag containing all sorts of crap, essentials for   & return to me to say goodbye. Following conversation ensues:

Me “Where’s my keys”?

DD “ohhh no ”

Me “Yeah sure sure hand the bloody things over.

DD “uummm no Mum I am serious I have locked them in the boot”

Me mutters under breath FFS! “Oh crap ok go on your sleepover I will ring road side assist again!

DD “OK Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mum xxxx

Me hmmmmm, off I go traipse over to car retrieve phone number from sticker & go through the motions, report car & location operator asks “how will we find you in Bunnings?” Me “easy go to the sausage sizzle out the front!!”

About an hour or so passes & just as we have sold out of snags, & start packing up a bloke rocks up to the sizzle, Me “sorry mate we have sold out of snags, can offer you a cold drink or raffle ticket though 😀 ”

He ” Ahh no thanks I am looking for Tina”

Me “ooohhh that be me, guess your  the bloke who’s gonna break into my car for me then, Ok its over here”

10 minutes later & he is in with the alarm on the car going off & every person in the car park gawking at us, & yes just like last time they were right at the front of the boot amongst other crap in the boot Yep another bit of wire  & yay my keys are retrieved, the alarm is off & paperwork is signed.

I did take great delight in texting all family members about Miss Lankylegs faux pas & Sir Dreamsalot took great delight in  nick naming his sister Boots 2 as he was called Boots for awhile after his turn.

Bloody kids, maybe when they get their own cars  I will be able to return the favour!!! LOL

Tina x

Well its been a long time between posts but………..

WOW theres lots to tell!!!

The house is coming along in leaps & bounds, in fact TODAY I am going to fax off the notice to vacate our rental premises………….excited much??? Hell yeah!! October 29th is the day we get the keys to OUR house 🙂 We have been house owners before, but it was a “renovators delight” that still wasnt finished when we sold it LOL. This times its all brand spanking new 🙂 No siiking money into it fixing it up, or dreaming of what we could do if we had more $$. Nope this time move in, get outside looking good with lawn etc & then just enjoy……….ahhh can almost taste the celebratory drinks in the alfresco now!!

Bob (Hubby) had last week off work, both our kids were in Perth on a FESA Cadet camp so we spent the week fencing & swinging gates at the block. Now when we move the dogs will be able to run about in the house yard & we will be able to go get DD’s pet sheep & put them into their paddocks also 🙂 Its all coming together so well that I have to pinch myself to make sure its real & happening.

Next big job after we move is to go dismantle a 20 x 40 shed that hubby bought & re assemble it at our place…………….eeek!!!!

So updated photos below

Got more exciting news to share tomorrow night after my visit to Abandoned Art 🙂

Tina xx

When a bridesmaids dress doesnt fit

what do you do?!

Recently good friends of ours decided to get married & set a date 4weeks away!! OMG I thought she was bloody mad!!! But it all went beautifully.

One of her bridesmaids dress’s didnt fit her sister, so sister got a new dress made leaving other dress at brides house. While I was discussing the wedding one day with the bride I asked what her daughter was wearing & she had no idea LOL. So I offered to remake the no longer needed bridemaids dress for her into a dress for Jess. We then discussed bouquets & she asked if i could do something with the dress for them as well. Of course I can I said 😀 with my fingers crossed LOL.

This is the end results, I think I did pretty good considering I only had a week to do it !!

Footings and cement pad :D

Wednesday 3rd March saw our footings get poured & the mesh laid. We thought it would be about a week until the pad was done so you can imagine our surprise when we went for a drive up on Fri (5th-03/10) afternoon and we saw cement!!! OMG we were soooooo excited!!

When we were there on the Friday the slab was still wet & I was very tempted to write our names on there but thought I better not LOL. We went back up on the weekend when it was dry & walked all over it, working out rooms & where the oven will eventually be, taking in the views from our loungeroom & kitchen. Sat in my sewing room & dreamt what it will look like (of course it was nice,tidy & organised with not threads or off cuts on the floor ROFL!!) Brayden laid in his room & complained it was uncomfortable ROFL!

Hopefully soon the bricks will arrive 🙂

Things are a happening :)

Wow its been a busy 3 weeks up the block & I have to say things are coming along very nicely though we were shocked to see how much yellow sand had to be carted in. We thought it was a pretty level area on the block we chose but we all know looks can be deceiving.

The sand arrived by the truckload. The pad was done during the last week of Feb, was very exciting to go up & see things taking shape

Thomas the cat

This story appeared in my local town’s newspaper it is very well written, there is no author to it but I feel the more we can get the word out there the better!!

My name is Thomas I am a smoky grey tabby cat. When I was a kitten my brothers and sisters all found homes and were given away until I was the only one left of the litter. I have since discovered that had my mothers owners been responsible people they would have taken my Mum to the vet so she wouldnt have litters one after the other andd have her babies flushed down the toilet alive!!

But back to my story, as I was the only one left, my mothers thoughtless, selfish, cruel and gutless owners decided it far easier to take me to the local tip rather than have the vet put me down. “at least we we will give him a chance” BULLSHIT! What chance??? I was taken by car to the tip & thrown out withut a backward glance. “He will find something to eat here” Yeah right! I was always hungry, but as I grew I found I could catch the occassional lizard which was better than insects, but I was still hungry and thirsty, I missed my mothers milk. On good days I caught a bird, on those days I slept well as I wasnt so hungry. But I needed more. Once I feasted on a dead sheep and I eventually became a good hunter. I ate rabbits, which were filling, bnut I loved the sweetness of birds, wrens were teh best as they nested fairly low and were plentiful.

This has been an eventful 3 1/2 years I am strong and healthy, have fathered 74 kittens that I know of, most of which are feral and live in the bush around town.

Recently the weather was so hot I was driven to find a drink at a nearby farm house, so I put aside my fear of man and found a bowl full of water, I was so terrified I wailed quiet loudly but the water was good. There was a small cat that would watch me through a window, it didnt seem to mind a human touching it and it would purr and rub itself on the human. I have never known what a stroke or pat felt like, but it looked lovely. Boy I was scared. Then one night by the water was some biscuits and a wire crate. I found the biscuits tasty and there were more each night.

My hunting had never been as good as it should have been, even the mice numbers had dropped off so I was hungry again and my last hunt had resulted in a small bird gecko. A week went by and I found myself thinking of  those biscuits again, I would return to the farm house. So in the early hours of the morning I returned and to my disappointment no biscuits were there!. Darn! But hang on whats that, in the back of the crate was a chicken leg. Boy, I had never seen one so big and it smelt so good, my mouth was watering. After cautiously circling the crate I found an opening and in I went. CRASH! I was locked in, I was scared out of my wits and bang, bang, bang I smashed the door with my head, but it would not open. I was locked in.

In the morning a man came to take the crate which I now know was a cat trap, away with me inside, he was the Ranger. I had no malice for the faarmers for trapping me, theydid the right thing. The Ranger said to me before everything went black “Sorry old son its not your fault”

What I am angry at is my irresponsible,gutless thoughtless, useless and  cruel owner of my mother. Had they accepted responsibility none of my woeful life would have happened. The Vet or Ranger would have put me down as a kitten or the re-homing centre would of gladly found me a home.

But now all my offspring are not only facing years of hunger and thirst they are spreading disease, namely feline lukemia and cat AIDS, plus others which will infect all cats and result in a prolonged and nasty death. So please don’t go down the same road as my mothers owners, they were too stupid, cruel, ignorant, uncaring and gutless.  Be responsible  and DONT DUMP CATS!!!!!!!

Clearing a spot

Bob (my wonderful hubby) had a few hours on the loader on Friday & managed to flatten the mango trees that the cruiser couldn’t budge LOL so now there is hardly any mango trees left, a driveway roughly bladed in & a house site ready to finish levelling off & get ready for the yellow sand pad 🙂

Hopefully the building lisence will arrive this week, it would have been last but when Bob went to the Northampton Shire to ask what was going on they told him the bloody builders had sent them a cheque but it was made out to the Geraldton-Greenough Shire, bloody idiots!!! But once they get the correct cheque we are full steam ahead :)woot woot!!

The mango’s are still growing but the poor leaves as you can see in the pic didnt like the 49* day we had last week, they look like they had been on fire but it was just from the sun!! ( and ppl lay out there baking in it!!)

Following photos are hubby (Bob) & DD (Miss LankyLegs) figuring out the retric situation for the mango trees we are keeping, for now.

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