Springtime Tote

With the fabric I used how could it be called anything but Springtime Tote??

I love the colours & am so impressed with the way this bag turned out. Nice & roomy on the inside without being bulky on the outside.



The green works so well I feel. Its a really happy/cheerful  colour. What do you think?

Happy Stitches


A new bag for my laptop.

Remember back in October lat yr my darling beloved bought me a laptop for my birthday? Well I had an old bag soft briefcase from my partyplan days that it fitted in perfect but it’s boring its plain black & blurgh.

So today I finally did something about it I got out the paper, pencil, ruler & my brain to make a pattern that would fit my laptop. After a couple of hours I had the pattern all nutted out & the fabrics cut 🙂 Then I stitched it all together only to rip it apart & start again.

But glad I did !! This is the end result

what do you think?

p3010004-small.jpg  p3010005-small.jpg  p3010006-small.jpg