Now that we’ve had a laugh lets get serious girls & make sure you have one!!! This horrid disease breast cancer knows no boundaries, has no age limits or minimums & does not care about you.  Make sure you speak to your GP with ANY concerns no matter how trivial you may think they are. If they recomend you a mammo or an ultrasound make sure you get it done! It was a mammogram that saved my Mums life. It was a mammogram that eased my fears over my own lump that was *thankfully* just a cyst. Take a friend or relative with you if you need to, support a friend if she needs it but make sure you have one. It could just save your life!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

Breast cancer has affected my own family in that my mother was diagnosed when she was only 46yrs old! She went through 6 wks of radiation therapy & then had a masectomy. Thankfully these worked for her &she is still with us today in remission but it is never far from our minds that it could recur.

I also have a lovely friend Fran who has battled this horrid disease for many years & now unfortunately she has secondary cancer in her bones with the future not very bright looking at all. She has to be the most generous, funny & totally awesome person I know. It truely is an honour to be her friend.

So lets dig deep & help support breast cancer research in 2008

Tina xx