Serenading the wildlife

We live in a small country town, & going shooting of vermin on farms is a normal thing to do!!

My son Sir Dreamsalot (9) has never been interested in going out roo shooting with his father until just recently. Last week he went for the first time & then again this weekend. He did say he only went along for the ride not for the shooting!!

So Sat night off they go, hubby, mate, DD & DS kids have earmuffs on to protect their hearing & as always kids forget that even though you cant hear you can be heard 😆

So they find the first roos they are going to shoot, turn the ute off to help with keeping quiet & not spooking them when out of the silence Sir Dreamsalot belts out Rolf Harris’s christmas carol Six White Boomers at the top of his voice!!! Well the roos were spooked & took off at 100mph while hubby & mate just sat & laughed! Miss Lankylegs was trying to get his attention to tell him SSSHHHHHH

After that he managed to stay quiet & the boys got some roos!!! And when they were telling me what had happend Sir Dreamsalot informed me he didnt sing Six White Boomers he sang Two Brown Boomers to the same tune LMAO!! And he knows the song by heart as last year it was their school concert item song & he played Santa!!

Only 4 days left

To get yourself into our Personalised Christmas Stocking draw. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter & wham your in the draw to win one of 3 stockings how easy is that?!

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Want to hunt our some great prizes & specials???

Well we all know its not long now until Christmas & if your kids are like mine the lists are 4foot long, though it did take me a bit to find this years list, you see  the kids go technical & did them on the computer saved to a safe place, but ahhhhh those files named XXX ‘s Christmas list gave it away LOL!

Anyway we have teamed up with a great bunch of retailers & are taking part in the


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Here at The Sewing Fairy we love Christmas & all the magical joy it brings to families around the world.

The joy of giving is just a wonderful feeling to have and with that in mind we are having a Christmas giveaway.

All you have to do is join our newsletter

and you are in the running to win 1 of 3 personalised Christmas Stockings.

Competition closes & winners will be drawn at random on 5pm (Western Australian time) 30th November 2008, winners will be notified by email & announced on the homepage 1st December 2008.  All new newsletter sign ups receive 1 entry into the draw, all current newsletter subscribers receive 1 entry into the draw and a BONUS entry if they refer a friend to join the newsletter and their friend lets us know

The countdown is on!!

And what a great way to count down the sleeps??? Instead of those chocolate filled advent calendars that have the kdis eating chocolate every morning for the first 24days in December check out the Christmas Countdown Calendar where the kids can rub out & change the number each day. Made from gorgeous Christmas fabrics & with a piece of chalk attached to a ribbon for changing the day number.


Tina xx

Christmas Stocking

Recently a lovely lady from All For Women contacted me about a personalised Christmas stocking for her nephew Owen. Last year I did personalised stockings but with the rush leading up to Christmas I never actually got them onto The Sewing Fairy site & with many people leaving them to the last minute to order can you believe I actually forgot to take photos!!!! But I did take photos of Owens before it left the Fairy Den.

The whole stocking made from red velvet & white fur

Close up of the name embroidery only 1 style of many available

Detail on the ‘toe’ section of the stocking, stitched in metallic gold thread.

I have some more Christmas ideas up my sleeve & will be test stiching them very soon. Keep an eye out for further posts & pics 🙂 After all there is only


Tina xx

Future Stars of the silver screen

Well what a night it was, last night was our schools annual concert & award night. Soooo much hard work goes into this by both teachers & students, but the results are awesome!!!

Every year I offer my sewing skills to the class’s that my kids are in for costumes, props etc. This year I made 8 dresses, 16 sleeves & a 5mt curtain with the word Censored on it. Everything turned out awesome I feel. The kids really put the effort in with practise, making props etc so I feel they deserve to have great costumes.

pc130023-small.jpg this is my DD’s class they acted out the song “The Streak”

pc130024-small.jpg this is my DS’s class they acted out “6 white boomers”

Well done kids you were all fantastic & thankyou all for the choccies, wine & card you gave me 🙂



The Joy of shopping

I recently had the joy of going to town to spend a day shopping, now anyone who frequents shopping centres from mid October knows the Christmas hustle & bustle is starting. After a particularly harrowing day I came  home to vent .  Here is a link to  my  vent that became an article LOL


sewing, business & flu

sure dont mix well!! I have been very sick for the last 3 days & hating every minute of it! The machines didnt even get turned on for 2 days!! And for anyone that knows me that is just unheard of except for christmas & boxing day!!

Anyway before I got sick I had been sewing up a storm so I will fill the rest of the page with photos & tell you all to run your virus scan dont want you getting this nasty bug I have LOL