Kudos to Janome Australia

How wonderful are peoples generosity ??  As you know I do a lot of embroidery for the Purple Bra Day here in Northampton which is a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA.  Everything I make for them I donate 100% so they can sell them at a good price & they donate 100% of the money raised to  BCF WA.

Well over the years I have contacted various companies I deal with & have had numerous threads & stabalisers donated to the cause. As I do all my embroidery on a Janome 300E & only use Janome Blue Tips (needles) in the machine, I contacted Janome to see if they would perhaps donate a packet or two of Blue Tips. (5 needles per packet). I sent them photos of items I have made, contact numbers for the people who co-ordinate the day so they could verify what I do & that I am not just someone after a free ride.

Well imagine my surprise on Monday when I collected my mail & there was a parcel awaiting pickup & when I opened it, it contained a FULL BOX of 500 Janome Blue Tips!!! OMG I couldnt believe it their generosity is astounding!! I have written to them to thank them for the donation & placed the needles in the big box marked Purple Bra day, as I keep all their items seperately & ONLY use them for Purple Bra stitching!!

Janome Australia THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart you are truly wonderful!!!

Here are some links to various peoples writings on our fabulous Purple Bra Day




Go the green & gold :D

While I would like to say I am embroidering for the Olympic team LOL its not. These  are the 90 shirts I am about halfway through embroidering for the local junior footy teams. Each shirt needs 3 logos on it. They are certainly keeping me busy & out of mischief!!

Happy stitching

Tina x

A new bag for my laptop.

Remember back in October lat yr my darling beloved bought me a laptop for my birthday? Well I had an old bag soft briefcase from my partyplan days that it fitted in perfect but it’s boring its plain black & blurgh.

So today I finally did something about it I got out the paper, pencil, ruler & my brain to make a pattern that would fit my laptop. After a couple of hours I had the pattern all nutted out & the fabrics cut 🙂 Then I stitched it all together only to rip it apart & start again.

But glad I did !! This is the end result

what do you think?

p3010004-small.jpg  p3010005-small.jpg  p3010006-small.jpg

Winged Creatures of the Nice Kind ;)


Dont you just love these? They are romper suits for babies with butterfly or dragon wings embroidered on the back!!! They are part of my new range over at The Sewing Fairy. I can remember when my kids were little & they would be wearing lovely rompersuits with designs on the front but often they didnt get seen as bubs was being held up against me with their back showing. Now they can lok just as groovy from the back as they do the front 🙂  What do you think?

butterly.jpg  dragon.jpg


Until next time

Happy Stitches

Tina xx

sewing, business & flu

sure dont mix well!! I have been very sick for the last 3 days & hating every minute of it! The machines didnt even get turned on for 2 days!! And for anyone that knows me that is just unheard of except for christmas & boxing day!!

Anyway before I got sick I had been sewing up a storm so I will fill the rest of the page with photos & tell you all to run your virus scan dont want you getting this nasty bug I have LOL