Footings and cement pad :D

Wednesday 3rd March saw our footings get poured & the mesh laid. We thought it would be about a week until the pad was done so you can imagine our surprise when we went for a drive up on Fri (5th-03/10) afternoon and we saw cement!!! OMG we were soooooo excited!!

When we were there on the Friday the slab was still wet & I was very tempted to write our names on there but thought I better not LOL. We went back up on the weekend when it was dry & walked all over it, working out rooms & where the oven will eventually be, taking in the views from our loungeroom & kitchen. Sat in my sewing room & dreamt what it will look like (of course it was nice,tidy & organised with not threads or off cuts on the floor ROFL!!) Brayden laid in his room & complained it was uncomfortable ROFL!

Hopefully soon the bricks will arrive 🙂

Things are a happening :)

Wow its been a busy 3 weeks up the block & I have to say things are coming along very nicely though we were shocked to see how much yellow sand had to be carted in. We thought it was a pretty level area on the block we chose but we all know looks can be deceiving.

The sand arrived by the truckload. The pad was done during the last week of Feb, was very exciting to go up & see things taking shape