A new bag for my laptop.

Remember back in October lat yr my darling beloved bought me a laptop for my birthday? Well I had an old bag soft briefcase from my partyplan days that it fitted in perfect but it’s boring its plain black & blurgh.

So today I finally did something about it I got out the paper, pencil, ruler & my brain to make a pattern that would fit my laptop. After a couple of hours I had the pattern all nutted out & the fabrics cut 🙂 Then I stitched it all together only to rip it apart & start again.

But glad I did !! This is the end result

what do you think?

p3010004-small.jpg  p3010005-small.jpg  p3010006-small.jpg

Another year older

But none the wiser LOL

It was my birthday on Wednesday the 10th & man did I have a great day & get totally spoilt!!

My gorgeous kids gave me this fabulous voucher for the massage/beauty shop 🙂

My darling hubby gave me this wonderful laptop as I am always kicking him or the kids off the computer to get to my embroidery stuff.

My sister, BIL & kids gave me this gorgeous Betty Boop mug

My parents gave me this rooster platter & this gold nugget. My Dad works on the mines ( he is a spanner man) & when all the grandkids were born they each got a nugget & he gives mum one every year & some of them are HUGE. Well he gave me one yesterday I am soo stoked. The locket it is hanging with they gave me for my 18th, many moons ago, & I dont take it off.


I have $50 in the bank from my MIL to go & spend as I please, I am goign to town on Monday & no doubt will spend it at Spotlight LOL

To all my online friends in the many forums I visit THANKYOU all for the well wishes & cyber hugs