Australian Mums need your support

I received this newsletter the other day & with the permission of Mad Cow I am blogging it to help get the word out there.

It’s Time for a National Response

We don’t normally do this, but this is an issue we felt we needed to really get behind, and its one of the things Real Mums is all about. That is, supporting Mums all over Australia.

PaNDa – the Post and Ante Natal Depression Association have launched a campaign “It’s time for a national response” requesting the Federal Government fun a National peer-to-peer helpline dedicated to providing support for all Australian Mums with antenatal and postnatal depression.

Currently, PaNDa’s model of a highly successful peer-to-peer helpline and suport sevice – where people who have experienced and worked their way back from AND and PND have been trained to assist other Mums – is only available in one Australian state.

Sadly, there are only three Australian states that operate dedicated antenatal and postnatal depression services for women and their families seeking counselling, support and referral.

PND affects 1 in 7 Australian Mums – so there are a lot of women, their families and their kids out there who need us.

We ask that you support PaNDa and Mums all over Australia by visiting the PaNDa websites –, or downloading this postcard, signing it and sending it off to the Health Minister the Hon. Nicola Roxon and lets get this much needed service available to everyone.

Thank you for your time, and thanking you in advance from Real Mums and on behalf of PaNDa for your amazing support!

Until next time, yours in Mumming,

Mad Cow

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