Want to hunt our some great prizes & specials???

Well we all know its not long now until Christmas & if your kids are like mine the lists are 4foot long, though it did take me a bit to find this years list, you see  the kids go technical & did them on the computer saved to a safe place, but ahhhhh those files named XXX ‘s Christmas list gave it away LOL!

Anyway we have teamed up with a great bunch of retailers & are taking part in the


where by signing up & following the clues you can win some awesome prizes, & there are some great hunt only specials on during the chase.

So click on the hunt icon & GOODLUCK!!

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Like to solve & follow clues ???

Then click on the banner above & sign up for the Spring Style Hunt & be in the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

FABULOUS prizes on offer

Oh boy do I have some FABULOUS prizes up for grabs!!! Thanks to the generosity of online friends I am running a monster raffle & you have a chance to win one of the 32 fabulous prizes for only $1 !! And your $1 will go towards helping my daughters yr 6/7 class go on their class camp where they will experience whale watching, snorkeling, sand boarding & learn about caring for wonderful tourist attractions like Coral Bay (which is where they are going). They are a great bunch of 12 kids who have been busily selling raffle tickets, organising bingo nights, doing $100 note raffles. So I have decided to run this raffle exclusively online & the kids will know nothing of it until I hand them the money at the end of the raffle. So if you would like to buy a ticket or 2, or would like to help spread the word keep reading 🙂

Ok down to the nitty gritty; I have 32 prizes on offer, tickets are $1 or 6 tickets for $5. You can buy your tickets by Emailing me how many you would like & then I will reply with direct deposit or pay pal instructions for payment. Once payment is received I will write out your tickets & send you a photo as proof. Ticket sales will go for 4 weeks & the final day for buying is midnight (WA time) Monday 16th June 2008. Prizes will be drawn on Tuesday 17th by a JP & I will notify all winners & publish the winners in a separate posting here on my blog.


#1pc cam. #2 scrapbooking kit

1st prize PC Cam 2nd prize Scrapbooking Kit

#3 girls shampoo set #4 Angel message, Oracle reading voucher

3rd prize 4th Prize Message from your Angels Oracle Reading Voucher

#5 Card making kit #6 Boys Shampoo

prize 5 Card making Kit Prize 6 Boys Shampoo

#7 small bag & contents #8 Embroidered handtowel & pot pourri

prize 7 small bag & items pictured

#9 Avon gift pack #10 Animal bean bags

#11 Gorgeous Green Bag #12 Notebook

#13 Cat Gift Set #14 Gorgeous Red necklace

#15 Stencil Specialist Gift

voucher and face washer set #16 small bag & contents

#17 Jasmine & hibiscus body

lotion and face washer set

#18 mens face cleaner

#19 Cherished Teddy ‘Calvin’

and face washer set #20 Bunnings voucher & face washer set

#21 Small bag & goodies #22 Gorgeous gold bag

#23 Dog gift pack

#24 Novel signed by the author Joy Chambers

#25 White Kimono soap set #26 coles/myer voucher & washer set

#27 Self Tanner lotion &

washer set #28 Small bag & goodies

#29 Signed Novel by

Joy Chambers and washer set #30 Hand Towels & teddy

#31 Autumn Thread voucher &

washer set #32 Blue Edge Crafts voucher

THANKYOU’S must go to the people & business’s listed below without their wonderful generosity this raffle couldnt have happened 🙂

Mandy & Ian www.blueedgecrafts.com.au
Jodie www.groovygames.com.au
Chriss www.petit.com.au
Julie www.stencilspecialists.com.au
Michelle an independent Phoenix trader www.phoenixtrading.com.au ID# AU-11298
Norlin www.baublesbubblesbags.com.au
Anna www.beautyandlace.com.au

Rachel Bunbury Home Computers

Jenny www.assentialscrapbooking.com
Evelyn www.autumnthreads.com.au

Nicole www.moderngodessonline.com

Anna www.beautyandlace.com.au

IF I have missed anyone I sincerely apologise & if you let me know I will update the list 😉

GOOD LUCK & THANKYOU to all that purchase tickets 🙂