For the shoeaholic

There arent many ladies I know that can resist shoes, myself & my daughter included! She is only 11 but always heads straight to the shoe section when we are out shopping.

So why not a shoe covered bag to take when you are out shoe shopping or any other shopping as well?

This one is another for the Dilly Bag ladies, wonder who will get it? I know Natalie Barr likes shoes maybe it would be a good one for her?

If you want a bag like you fave celebrity has from me head on over to The Sewing Fairy & to the Bagalicious tab under the Mums Corner section 😉

Springtime Tote

With the fabric I used how could it be called anything but Springtime Tote??

I love the colours & am so impressed with the way this bag turned out. Nice & roomy on the inside without being bulky on the outside.



The green works so well I feel. Its a really happy/cheerful  colour. What do you think?

Happy Stitches


The Joy of shopping

I recently had the joy of going to town to spend a day shopping, now anyone who frequents shopping centres from mid October knows the Christmas hustle & bustle is starting. After a particularly harrowing day I came  home to vent .  Here is a link to  my  vent that became an article LOL