More on the Telethon

WELL done West Aussies we managed to raise in excess of 6.5 million for the kids. To each & everyone of you that donated well done give yourselves a pat on the back & dont forget to honour your pledge. We did today, called into Bankwest while in town & paid our donation.

A big congratulations to the WA government who ontop of their annual $100 000 donation they donated an extra $1 000 000 being that it is the 40th year of Telethon. Then Mr Kery Stokes donated $1 000 000 from one of his companies in a new initiative they are starting next year with business grants donation for Telethon.

To all the celebrities who gave up their own time to be in Perth thankyou all, espically the ones who so willingly did the dares they were faced with for the extra money. The best had to be Andrew O’Keefe (Deal or No Deal) & Jon Sivewright (Home and Away) toward the ending, did you know Jon used to be a fireman & was Mr July in the Hall of Flame calendar. They even managed to find an old copy to prove it 🙂 It will certainly be one of the clips they use in future years.

To date Telethon has raised over $74 million well done everyone

Look forward to watching & donating again next year

There is a great  write up here if  you want to read more

Telethon Tradition

Here in Western Australia we have a fundraising blitz that lasts 24hrs called Telethon. Its an awesome weekend & broadcast live on the tv soooo entertaining & such a good cause.

I grew up watching telethon & setting up camp in the lounge room with all intentions of staying up ALL night & watching it. Needless to say I promptly fell asleep each year but still loved it.

Well my kids are carrying on my tradition, they are set up here in the lounge room with doonas & pillows & almost asleep already LOL. Think I might get my jammies on & join them!

If you can donate please do so 🙂