Big does not mean brave~!

Boof & I went off to the vets today, its been 12months since his last visit so all he needed was weighing & needles 🙂

Day started well opened up the car & in he shot looking very excited, last time he went in the car he got to shack up & spend the night making babies think he thought he was in for more of the same :lol:. So 10mins into the trip he is bored, snoring & farting in the back of the car……!

At the vets he jumps out all excited, in we go. Boof sit ohh good boy now just step onto the scales……………..Boof I cant lift you mate please step on the scales………look I’ve got cheese your favourite treat in the world………… you are not going to just stick your tongue out & get the cheese.

Plan B lets try again go for a walk round waiting room cheese sitting on the scales vet ready to help and………… paw on the scale……….two paws & 2/3rds of the body, vet tries unsuccessfully to push the rear end on 😆  saw a reading of 80kg cheese eaten & now no part of dog on the scales. Ok thats close enough he says lets go to the exam room. 😆

Boof is very well behaved & just stood lapping up all the attention to his heart (oops sorry vet about the hairful of slobber you got while listening to his chest) teeth, eyes, ears and all the pats of course, but when the thermometer was put on the table I just laughed……….and fed Boof lots of cheese!!! Takes a while for the signal to get from one end of his body to the other he is over 6ft long now! So that went well, more cheese good boy Boof. Needle in all the extra loose skin he has round his neck………Boof get out of my bag i know thats where the cheese is!! Thanks doc will go pay up & go home 🙂

Out to reception, I can see Boof thinking WTF  looking at the big burly bloke sitting there with a fluffy Maltese on his knee.(not sure if it was the bloke or the dog that looked like our cat that puzzled him) Big burly bloke avoids eye contact with me a size 12 lady whose dog weighs more than she does. Bill all paid more cuddles from receptionist who doesn’t mind Boof slobber & out to the car we go…………….What no way Boof get in the bloody car please I cant lift you in remember we tried that very unsuccessfully  on the bloody scales that were only a 2inch step up so there is NO WAY in hell I am going to get you into the back of the cruiser! Shit shit shit………lady in the shop I can see you giggling at me trying to coax my horse I mean dog into the car! Back to the vet can I have some help please??? Lovely receptionist comes to my rescue & together with me in the back of the car pulling & her at the back of the dog pushing we load him in we look round for our treats/rewards realize we are covered in Boof slobber & laugh.

I swear next year I am either hiring a horse float or telling hubby its his turn! Wonder what he will weigh then as he hasnt finished growing yet!! 😮