3 more sleeps

OMG we are down to 3 sleeps & we get our keys!!!! To say we are excited is an understatement.

The place we are currently in looks like a bomb has hit it due to boxes, bags & piles of stuff everywhere. This is a small house & no matter where I put the boxes it looks messy so its a case of just deal with it !!

Instead lets look at something nice like our new floor coverings & blinds………..

These are the kitchen blinds, every other window & sliding door has the same colour/style blind hanging at them. They arent as dark as they look in the pic.

In obvious need of a damn good vaccuuming but this is the carpet that is in our 3 bedrooms. Is nice & soft too 🙂

Not a very good pic sorry, but this is the floor coverings throughout the main part of the house including my new sewing room, will make sweeping up threads & fabric bits nice & easy 🙂


And for Stitches take on the whole packing moving thing see below

So now that I have organised Foxtel & Telephone to be moved this will probably be my last post until after the move. As neither company can tell me when we get our services hooked as we are in a rural area & anything outside of Perth they just cant comprehend!!!


Cheers and see you soon

Tina 🙂



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