Back to School Specials

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great Christmas & a wonderful New Year. We did in our household & the holidays have been wonderful so far…………*touch wood* ………………  but now that all the Christmas bling has gone, its time to think about those school book lists we got back in November 2008.

To help with the cost of sending the kids back to school we have put our Library Totes and our Art Smocks on special for the next 2 weeks only.

We have also released a new product called Lip Gloss or Memory Stick holders these are so handy to have on hand and have been a hit with my product testers. These are also at an introudctory price of $6 each for the next 2 weeks.

As a super special for newsletter subscribers only if you order both a library bag & an art smock you will receive a FREE Lipgloss/memory stick holder. All you need to do is place your order & I will contact you regarding which design or name you would like on your FREE ITEM

As always pass this newsletter onto anyone you think may like to receive it & you can post it onto any groups you are a member of if they allow.

Your Sewing Fairy


Future Stars of the silver screen

Well what a night it was, last night was our schools annual concert & award night. Soooo much hard work goes into this by both teachers & students, but the results are awesome!!!

Every year I offer my sewing skills to the class’s that my kids are in for costumes, props etc. This year I made 8 dresses, 16 sleeves & a 5mt curtain with the word Censored on it. Everything turned out awesome I feel. The kids really put the effort in with practise, making props etc so I feel they deserve to have great costumes.

pc130023-small.jpg this is my DD’s class they acted out the song “The Streak”

pc130024-small.jpg this is my DS’s class they acted out “6 white boomers”

Well done kids you were all fantastic & thankyou all for the choccies, wine & card you gave me 🙂