After almost 16 yrs of service

our fridge has carked it. It was a lovely large upside down Westinghouse bought when the only colour you had to choose from was white or well white!

We bought the fridge about a week after our Miss Lankylegs was born. We lived in Orange NSW at the time  & it was a test model from the factory floor so really to get almost 16 yrs out of it I think is pretty good!! It has also been moved across country from NSW to WA & into quite a few houses we have lived in in those years. And up until moving it outside lastnight it still held childrens art work as Miss Lankylegs & her mate have been doing some funny drawings in class & hanging them on our fridge.

This fridge has many many things so heres an A-Z of *some*of those things:

A- Alcohol & Apples                                          B-Baby food & Beetroot

C- Coke & Cat food                                           D- Diet coke & Dips

E – Eggs & Eclairs                                             F – Food (duh!) & Frankfurts

G- Grapes & Green peas                                 H – Ham & Honey joys

I – Icecream & Ice                                            J – Jelly & Jap pumpkin

K – Kiwi fruits & KFC                                     L – Lemons & Lamb

M- Melons & Milk                                          N – Nougat & Nectarines

O – Onions & Oranges                                   P – Plums & Pork

Q – Quiche & umm well Quiche LOL         R- Rice & Roast meats

S – Salads & Salami                                        T- Tuna & Tomatoes

U – ummmmm stored alot of that over the years V- Vegemite & Vegetables

W – Water & Whipped Cream                      X- Xmas cake & Xmas left overs

Y – Yoghurt & Yolks                                         Z – Zucchini & Zingy drinks

But unfortunately for the last week its been freezing everything inside it 😦 We have lost heaps of food so it was time to go fridge shopping…………………O.M.G who’d have thought this was such a hard task ?? Nore more is it a simple quick yes take the white one in the size that will fit the space and the hardest thing being top or bottom freezer Nooooooooooooooo.

Do you want : white, black (which I REALLY like but wow the $$$$ was scary!) or stainless steel, brushed steel or satin look ? One door or french door, freezer with door or drawer. Ice & water dispenser – plumbed or not. Side by side or just a dedicated fridge >_< my head hurts!!!!!! Then the running costs, literage capacity, do we like the way the shelves are, can they be moved about, will at least 4 2litre bottles fit (2 x milk, water & juice) is there egg storage, what are the cripsers like…………………….pass the panadol please.

So I had it narrowed down to 5 fridges which fitted into all of the above & more I think! Hubby & I went to town armed with my list & the prices. My favourite was the stainless steel, french door, bottom load Electroux but it was also at the top of the price range. Showed hubby all the options that would fit into our space & confused the poor buggar LOL. He also liked the french door jobby but we were still umming & ahhhing on the prices then as we were looking at another they whacked a further 10% off sign on the fridge, & well next thing you know we are signing the dotted line & loading her up! Lucky we did as it was the last one in stock & as we were wheeling her out the  door another couple came in with their catalogue & I heard the sales lady say Sorry  I just sold the last one, pointing to our new fridge, it is a lovely fridge too !

While they were bubble wrapping the fridge I should have just walked outside but damn it was cold out there so I wandered the shop & a new washing machine also jumped into our trailer & followed us home! But thats a whole ‘nother post for another time 😉

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