blue & white are allright ;)

well I think they are when combined together in this bag. Its another for the site

p3230006-small.jpg outside of bag

p3230009-small.jpg inside of bag

p3230007-small.jpg this is another inside shot showing the gold gum leaf embroidery which will feature on all dilly bag bags 🙂

Library Totes

Been at the machines again, this time its Library bags for some lovely young girls. I have made other products for these girls & know they really are rapt when their name is on something as you dont find thier names on stuff you can buy ready made. They should get them shortly in the mail 🙂 Hope they like them

p2080009-small.jpg    p2080010-small.jpg    p2080006-small.jpg

Happy Reading Girls



What do you do with your old blue jeans??

Why you make bags of course 😉

Years ago I used to make these all the time I love them you can store soooo much stuff in them. Lately there has been a resurgence in interest in them & I have started making them again. They are proving popular chrissy & birthday pressies for many young ladies. pc190003-small.jpgpc190002-small.jpg 

No 2 are ever the same as I just create as I go on these & have had nothing but good words said about them 🙂