How to keep a 9o kg+ body cool on a 48* day!

Its a hard thing to do & his most favourite way is under the table in the air conditioning 😆


But evry now and then he likes to exert a little energy play under the sprinkler:

And when your aslong as he is you have to cool each section before laying under the water 🙂

Who’s your Daddy???

We went visiting today & theres no denying it Boof has mini Boof’s out there :lol:!!

These gorgeous guys & gals are Boof & Minni’s 2 week old pups & they weighing in at 1.5 -1.8 kg already!

Poor Mum was having trouble keeping her milk up to them, so they are getting bottle feeds as well as Mum feeds.

They are all totally gorgeous (just like their Daddy) & no we are NOT having any!!